Thursday, February 28, 2013

Please let it be March 6th already

My second paper for the class I'm taking this term is due on March 6th. I just want to get it DONE already. I am so tired of reading the book that I'm reviewing and thinking about it. I AM OUT OF THOUGHTS!!! This class is interesting, but I have to have thoughts about books and documents and my brain is worn out.

In other grouchy news, we took Ethan to Children's the morning before my parents came to visit- so a couple of weeks ago.  Just wanted to check on the placement of his g-tube, since he's gotten quite a bit taller since it was placed 18 months ago.  And it was fine.  We hadn't been using it every day, since he's finally eating quite well... but at the appointment he weighed in at 32 pounds.  Less than 1st percentile.  Face palm. He's still beating Vivian weight-wise, by a whole pound or two.  So now we have to keep pushing food and pray that he is hungry (one of the other issues with using the tube is that he's not hungry in the morning) and using the stupid feeding tube that we are SO tired of. 

But the tube is good and he's gotten taller and made HUGE strides developmentally. He really needed the calories that he wasn't getting from food. It's been a good thing. We're just tired.

However- I am looking on the bright side. I told Daniel I wasn't willing to travel to Hong Kong until Ethan's tube was out, and that's at least a year away, so I don't have to go be the freakish fat white lady in Asia just yet. 

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