Friday, February 15, 2013

Not too shabby of a day

The sky is blue, the air is fairly warm. From my dining room table I can see the snow-covered mountains in the distance. And my house? It is 1) silent and 2) clean. And I do not have to make dinner for anyone!

My parents and the kids left for Portland this afternoon. Daniel's at work but claims he's coming home early (it's 4:40 as I type this, so we have very different definitions of "early").  But I'm okay with it because I never get to be alone in the house except for when I'm studying. Which I did today. And balanced the checkbook and did the laundry and tidied the toy room and the kids' bedroom. And cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. Because it's possible to actually accomplish things without two preschoolers under foot.

Yesterday my grandmother emailed my mom and said she wasn't feeling well and didn't know about them coming down.  Which my mom wasn't going to accept, because she only sees her mom twice a year.  They talked about abbreviating the trip (they still might) and I believe my mom uttered the words "I'm sure it would be fine with everyone if we came back to Seattle Saturday night instead of  Sunday" and then she looked at me and realized that it would be fine with everyone EXCEPT Daniel and I. Seriously, do not take away part of my 48 hours of freedom.

I was on a press trip once and I was the only parent in the group, and one of the other writers asked me how long it takes me to miss my kids.  I promptly said "four days", because that's the honest truth.  That's how long I can enjoy the novelty of being a grown up and going to the bathroom without an escort or two, and not be too overwhelmed with missing the hugs and the squishy little cheeks. I am feeling a little guilty though, even though they've only been gone for a few hours, because Ethan's gotten really attached to me lately and when they were leaving, he looked at me and said "I'm going to miss you SO much, Mom."  And he doesn't like sleeping at my grandmother's house and kept begging for a hotel instead (he's a travel writer's kid!), so he's already not entirely happy.  And last time we went to Portland we went to the mountain and he's desperate to go back, so he was sad that no snow was planned for this trip.  But he does have my dad and my dad is his favorite person in the world, so that should balance out everything else. :)  

So far my parents have had a hard introduction to our home. Our good cat has taken to peeing on things when she gets annoyed (and she's usually annoyed), and she peed on my parents' suitcase. So they shut the door so that she couldn't get in, but then they trapped our psycho cat (Gracie) under the bed, so she pooped on the blanket. And then after we got those cleaned up, Jenny vomited in the walkway between their bedroom and their bathroom. And this morning Ethan used their toilet and missed big time.  I think my uncle's house (where they used to stay when they visited) is looking better all the time. 

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