Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It would be faster and easier to just withdraw and burn the contents of my savings account

February is an expensive month for us.  Policies come due and things seem to always break around our anniversary at Daniel's rental property.  This year I was dreaming of a sunny getaway for our anniversary, but we decided to be responsible adults (whatever that means) and stay home. My parents are taking away the kids for a few days anyway, so we will have the place to ourselves. Daniel romantically suggested that we work on our taxes. Oh and visit the new history museum. Be still my beating heart (actually, I am excited about the idea of going to the history museum).

This year we had remodeling and moving costs added in this month. And the deposit for Vivian's preschool. And the ant eradication fees.  Which I paid happily. Getting rid of the ridiculous hordes of ants is worth pretty much any cost.  In related news, I saw a friend of mine this morning who was openly laughing at my ant problem because I had been so amused by our other friends' bat problem. I do recognize the humor value in the situation. Apparently other people in Seattle have rat issues, so I'm feeling less horrified by the existence of ants in my house.  If any snakes show up, I'm moving out.  With or without my family. That's just common sense.

And now I need to stop stalling and do homework. Or attack the dishes in the sink.  The wild and craziness continues!

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