Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In which I need more caffeine. But am too tired to walk to the other side of the kitchen.

My parents left yesterday to head home.  This is always a very emotional time.  Ethan says things like "I'm gonna miss ya!" (He's suddenly saying ya a lot) and my mom dissolves into tears.  I'm not a crier myself, but it is sad when they leave. Instead of making me cry, emotions just make me very, very tired.  Last night I was in bed by 7:30. My cell phone rang and I actually thought "why is someone calling so late?"  It was one of my alma maters calling to try to get me to give them money.  I don't have any money for them, and probably should answer the phone and tell them that, but I'm fascinated by how determined they are. They've called twice a day for a MONTH.

Ethan and I dropped off mom and dad at the airport yesterday morning and then went to IKEA and spent $90.  Retail therapy always helps.  Had to get a new comforter because my cat was annoyed about people in her space (the cats' stuff is in the basement) and she kept peeing on my bed.  Hopefully she'll get over it now. 

The kids are upstairs playing their favorite game "my stuffed animal is sick and needs to lie down".  It's very strange. They trade stories about how long their babies have been sick and what exactly their symptoms are. Occasionally Ethan will decide that the game has gone on too long and will declare loudly "I am God and I have healed you!".  I kid you not.

I'm avoiding my homework and the paper due next Wednesday (ugh) and am instead making a to-do list for household chores for next week- my spring break! So ready for a week off of school. Ready to get all the little organizing things done that I haven't had time for lately.  Progress will be made!

Now.  Who is going to come over and make me more coffee?  Must train kids to work coffeemaker.  (New item for the spring break to-do list!)

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