Monday, February 11, 2013

In which I confess to definitely not having it all

Belated Happy Chinese New Year! Also known as the day when I dress the kids up in their Chinese outfits, bribe them with chocolate and take pictures before they get tired of their outfits (25 seconds later).

That's how Ethan smiles for all pictures. He's saying cheese. 

2 pictures later. Shedding parts of her outfit.

We unexpectedly got invited to dinner at our friends' house and enjoyed celebrating new year with them.  I love unexpected and unscheduled fun! 

And now, it is Monday morning.  I took one look at my to-do list and decided that the only thing to do was to ignore and blog about it.  I'm mostly stressed about the laundry. It's the first thing to go when I get busy with work/school and now there are piles everywhere.  And the cat keeps peeing on our down comforter and it takes FOREVER to wash and dry a down comforter (but it can be done) which backs up all of the rest of the laundry.  I keep looking at the cat and thinking fur rug...

But my parents are coming in 50 hours.  And they are going to entertain the kids and I'm going to get things done and then spring break for me is the week after they leave! 

In other news, I've actually really started to enjoy the mornings when both kids are home. They fight a lot, yes, but they've also started playing really well together and it's lovely! Daniel told them that they could watch TV this morning, and I immediately yelled "no they can't!" We do not squander TV time on morning when I know that they will go play if there is no TV/electronics around.  TV time is precious for getting through the evening time, especially since Daniel has a board meeting tonight and will be late. 

In other, other news, no more ants! The guy came and treated the house on Wednesday morning and we saw a few dead ants over the next few days and then done. Such a relief! No more creepy crawlies allowed!

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