Thursday, February 28, 2013

Please let it be March 6th already

My second paper for the class I'm taking this term is due on March 6th. I just want to get it DONE already. I am so tired of reading the book that I'm reviewing and thinking about it. I AM OUT OF THOUGHTS!!! This class is interesting, but I have to have thoughts about books and documents and my brain is worn out.

In other grouchy news, we took Ethan to Children's the morning before my parents came to visit- so a couple of weeks ago.  Just wanted to check on the placement of his g-tube, since he's gotten quite a bit taller since it was placed 18 months ago.  And it was fine.  We hadn't been using it every day, since he's finally eating quite well... but at the appointment he weighed in at 32 pounds.  Less than 1st percentile.  Face palm. He's still beating Vivian weight-wise, by a whole pound or two.  So now we have to keep pushing food and pray that he is hungry (one of the other issues with using the tube is that he's not hungry in the morning) and using the stupid feeding tube that we are SO tired of. 

But the tube is good and he's gotten taller and made HUGE strides developmentally. He really needed the calories that he wasn't getting from food. It's been a good thing. We're just tired.

However- I am looking on the bright side. I told Daniel I wasn't willing to travel to Hong Kong until Ethan's tube was out, and that's at least a year away, so I don't have to go be the freakish fat white lady in Asia just yet. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In which I need more caffeine. But am too tired to walk to the other side of the kitchen.

My parents left yesterday to head home.  This is always a very emotional time.  Ethan says things like "I'm gonna miss ya!" (He's suddenly saying ya a lot) and my mom dissolves into tears.  I'm not a crier myself, but it is sad when they leave. Instead of making me cry, emotions just make me very, very tired.  Last night I was in bed by 7:30. My cell phone rang and I actually thought "why is someone calling so late?"  It was one of my alma maters calling to try to get me to give them money.  I don't have any money for them, and probably should answer the phone and tell them that, but I'm fascinated by how determined they are. They've called twice a day for a MONTH.

Ethan and I dropped off mom and dad at the airport yesterday morning and then went to IKEA and spent $90.  Retail therapy always helps.  Had to get a new comforter because my cat was annoyed about people in her space (the cats' stuff is in the basement) and she kept peeing on my bed.  Hopefully she'll get over it now. 

The kids are upstairs playing their favorite game "my stuffed animal is sick and needs to lie down".  It's very strange. They trade stories about how long their babies have been sick and what exactly their symptoms are. Occasionally Ethan will decide that the game has gone on too long and will declare loudly "I am God and I have healed you!".  I kid you not.

I'm avoiding my homework and the paper due next Wednesday (ugh) and am instead making a to-do list for household chores for next week- my spring break! So ready for a week off of school. Ready to get all the little organizing things done that I haven't had time for lately.  Progress will be made!

Now.  Who is going to come over and make me more coffee?  Must train kids to work coffeemaker.  (New item for the spring break to-do list!)

Monday, February 25, 2013


It's our seventh wedding anniversary today- happy anniversary to us! With every passing year I grow more and more concerned with Daniel's sanity.  No sane person would have married me, much less stuck by me as I grew progressively older and crazier.  He's definitely a keeper. 

Last weekend we did our annual photo at the spot where we got married. Wedding through 4th anniversary at this post.  Too lazy to repost them. Years 5-7 below.

A few observations can be made from these pictures. 1) Last year was a bad year for my kids, haircut-wise. 2) Ethan's glasses are much better than his old ones. 3) My husband does not age. And still has most of the clothes in the pictures from 6 years ago. And wears them. 4) These photos are a sad documentation of me getting fatter every year. Would like to reverse that particular trend.   Still, love having all of these photos up to look at- it's such a fun way to remember our great wedding day.

Today is our actual anniversary and Daniel and I have so far celebrated by trying to hug in bed with Vivian in between us (she's mostly not sleeping with us but has had a couple of rough nights lately), then briefly passed in the kitchen before he left for work.  But we did get to go out last night (hurray for grandparents and free babysitting!) and had a nice weekend last weekend when my parents and the kids were gone. So we feel well celebrated. 

Still can't believe it's been 7 years.  Last year in particular was nuts- we were talking last night and decided that our goal for this year was to just try to establish some sort of routines. Back in January 2012 we had no idea that in 2012 we would: go to Iceland, go to Disneyland, I would go to Quebec, I would start working as a travel writer, and we had NO idea that we would end the year in a new home.  We spent the last year constantly trying to find our feet in new situations and this year can go ahead and be a little calmer. And we also, of course, made the usual goal about date nights.  Which we REALLY need to do. We always feel so much better about everything when we do get some time just the two of us, but we forget that when we get busy and stressed.  MUST REMEMBER! 

Anyway, so, happy anniversary to the best thing that's ever happened to me. Do not come to your senses anytime soon ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Not too shabby of a day

The sky is blue, the air is fairly warm. From my dining room table I can see the snow-covered mountains in the distance. And my house? It is 1) silent and 2) clean. And I do not have to make dinner for anyone!

My parents and the kids left for Portland this afternoon. Daniel's at work but claims he's coming home early (it's 4:40 as I type this, so we have very different definitions of "early").  But I'm okay with it because I never get to be alone in the house except for when I'm studying. Which I did today. And balanced the checkbook and did the laundry and tidied the toy room and the kids' bedroom. And cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. Because it's possible to actually accomplish things without two preschoolers under foot.

Yesterday my grandmother emailed my mom and said she wasn't feeling well and didn't know about them coming down.  Which my mom wasn't going to accept, because she only sees her mom twice a year.  They talked about abbreviating the trip (they still might) and I believe my mom uttered the words "I'm sure it would be fine with everyone if we came back to Seattle Saturday night instead of  Sunday" and then she looked at me and realized that it would be fine with everyone EXCEPT Daniel and I. Seriously, do not take away part of my 48 hours of freedom.

I was on a press trip once and I was the only parent in the group, and one of the other writers asked me how long it takes me to miss my kids.  I promptly said "four days", because that's the honest truth.  That's how long I can enjoy the novelty of being a grown up and going to the bathroom without an escort or two, and not be too overwhelmed with missing the hugs and the squishy little cheeks. I am feeling a little guilty though, even though they've only been gone for a few hours, because Ethan's gotten really attached to me lately and when they were leaving, he looked at me and said "I'm going to miss you SO much, Mom."  And he doesn't like sleeping at my grandmother's house and kept begging for a hotel instead (he's a travel writer's kid!), so he's already not entirely happy.  And last time we went to Portland we went to the mountain and he's desperate to go back, so he was sad that no snow was planned for this trip.  But he does have my dad and my dad is his favorite person in the world, so that should balance out everything else. :)  

So far my parents have had a hard introduction to our home. Our good cat has taken to peeing on things when she gets annoyed (and she's usually annoyed), and she peed on my parents' suitcase. So they shut the door so that she couldn't get in, but then they trapped our psycho cat (Gracie) under the bed, so she pooped on the blanket. And then after we got those cleaned up, Jenny vomited in the walkway between their bedroom and their bathroom. And this morning Ethan used their toilet and missed big time.  I think my uncle's house (where they used to stay when they visited) is looking better all the time. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

In which I confess to definitely not having it all

Belated Happy Chinese New Year! Also known as the day when I dress the kids up in their Chinese outfits, bribe them with chocolate and take pictures before they get tired of their outfits (25 seconds later).

That's how Ethan smiles for all pictures. He's saying cheese. 

2 pictures later. Shedding parts of her outfit.

We unexpectedly got invited to dinner at our friends' house and enjoyed celebrating new year with them.  I love unexpected and unscheduled fun! 

And now, it is Monday morning.  I took one look at my to-do list and decided that the only thing to do was to ignore and blog about it.  I'm mostly stressed about the laundry. It's the first thing to go when I get busy with work/school and now there are piles everywhere.  And the cat keeps peeing on our down comforter and it takes FOREVER to wash and dry a down comforter (but it can be done) which backs up all of the rest of the laundry.  I keep looking at the cat and thinking fur rug...

But my parents are coming in 50 hours.  And they are going to entertain the kids and I'm going to get things done and then spring break for me is the week after they leave! 

In other news, I've actually really started to enjoy the mornings when both kids are home. They fight a lot, yes, but they've also started playing really well together and it's lovely! Daniel told them that they could watch TV this morning, and I immediately yelled "no they can't!" We do not squander TV time on morning when I know that they will go play if there is no TV/electronics around.  TV time is precious for getting through the evening time, especially since Daniel has a board meeting tonight and will be late. 

In other, other news, no more ants! The guy came and treated the house on Wednesday morning and we saw a few dead ants over the next few days and then done. Such a relief! No more creepy crawlies allowed!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It would be faster and easier to just withdraw and burn the contents of my savings account

February is an expensive month for us.  Policies come due and things seem to always break around our anniversary at Daniel's rental property.  This year I was dreaming of a sunny getaway for our anniversary, but we decided to be responsible adults (whatever that means) and stay home. My parents are taking away the kids for a few days anyway, so we will have the place to ourselves. Daniel romantically suggested that we work on our taxes. Oh and visit the new history museum. Be still my beating heart (actually, I am excited about the idea of going to the history museum).

This year we had remodeling and moving costs added in this month. And the deposit for Vivian's preschool. And the ant eradication fees.  Which I paid happily. Getting rid of the ridiculous hordes of ants is worth pretty much any cost.  In related news, I saw a friend of mine this morning who was openly laughing at my ant problem because I had been so amused by our other friends' bat problem. I do recognize the humor value in the situation. Apparently other people in Seattle have rat issues, so I'm feeling less horrified by the existence of ants in my house.  If any snakes show up, I'm moving out.  With or without my family. That's just common sense.

And now I need to stop stalling and do homework. Or attack the dishes in the sink.  The wild and craziness continues!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I have turned my 3-year-old into a killer

I woke up yesterday morning to an announcement from Daniel that our kitchen and dining room had "droves" of ants coming in. We'd been noticing large black ants here and there for about a week, but by yesterday, they'd decided that our house was a good place to hang out. Vivian was sick, so she and I stayed home from church and I spent my whole time squishing ants and freaking out. 

In the afternoon I escaped to Target.  Which was deserted, because the Super Bowl had already started.  So that was fun.

Then I returned to our infested house to find that Daniel had located the spot where the ants were coming in and had put 7 bait trap in that area.  And then I hid upstairs and decided to pretend that I was not living in the middle of an ant farm.  And I spent my time not watching the Super Bowl, but instead reading everyone's tweets about it, which were, really better than most of the game. 

At some point, Vivian ran in from her playroom, exclaimed "I need to kill an ant! There's one in my playroom!", grabbed a tissue and ran back to excitedly squish the ant.  I am worried that I have mentally scarred her with all of this ant stuff.

Pest control is coming later this week, and of course, there is not an ant in sight since we called them, but we pretty much live in a carpenter ant's dream home, so we still need to take care of things. Because I like my house and do not want it to be consumed.

Sigh. This is all probably because I laughed at Maggie's bat problem last week.