Monday, January 28, 2013

Post-party Monday letdown

Somehow I ended up at home today. Without a car, and WITHOUT ANY DIET COKE!  I am having trouble coming up with the energy to attack my hideous Monday to-do list, which includes things like laundry! and reading government documents for my weekly assignment! and mopping my floors! and working on my scary paper!

The party on Saturday kind of rocked.  No pictures to post because I didn't take any.  Too busy having fun.  We weren't sure how many people were coming, but I think we had close to 40. Mostly church friends, but a few of my relatives and Daniel's best friend and some blog friends too.  Who had to answer the question repeatedly "so, wait. You met Carrie on the internet?"  I'd like to point out that I met Daniel on the internet too. 

And we didn't know if people would be bored and just look at the house and leave, but everyone stuck around and ate most of the food that I'd made and got to know one another. And it all made me think that maybe talking to people isn't so awful? Maybe? 

And Ethan's girlfriend (she's 3) came to the party and he asked her dad if he could marry her and her dad said yes. He hasn't gotten around to asking her yet, but he has big plans for them to have 10 kids and sleep in his room (she gets to sleep on the lower bunk where Vivian sleeps) and their kids are going to sleep on the bed in the basement and Vivian and her husband (who he has helpfully picked out for her) are going to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. Daniel and I are apparently being kicked out.  Ethan's been fixated on this idea for some time, and he doesn't ever change the plans, just adds on to them.  She apparently loves him too, even though they don't actually really talk to each other, but they both tell their parents how much they love each other.  Kind of funny.

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