Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My basement and other things that I know you were dying to see

My to-do list for today included paying bills, finishing up this week's weekly assignment for school and working on my scary paper that's due on 2/1.  And it's raining and totally grey today, so you can see why I wasn't terribly excited about getting up this morning.  Bleh. Oh, and I'm sad that Ethan's bus route is being changed because he had the nicest, sweetest bus driver and she's often the only adult I see all day, and we're going to miss her :(

Okay, so the basement. There is only one window in the downstairs bedroom and one in the bathroom, so it was already a little dark down there. And the walls looked like this:
I called it carpet, but it was really a thick textured cloth. And it was throughout most of the bedroom and in all of the hallway. 

So anyway, after hearing me whine about hating the basement desperately, my darling husband got our contractor over (I am SUCH a grownup!) and they spent two days cutting plywood and attaching it to the walls. Daniel and I had already taken down the cloth earlier.  

And then after they left, I started twitching with readiness to be done and dragged Daniel to the home improvement store and we bought paint. Fortunately, the previous owners had left primer here and I'd gotten a free quart of paint in a paint giveaway, so we only had to buy one more quart. So this part only cost $15.  I don't know yet how much the rest cost. 

And then I primed the walls and my saintly husband painted and the next day I put up a couple of decals (we can't hang pictures really because it's plywood and behind that is concrete, so we can't use nails).  And this is how it looks now!

Looking down the stairs from the entry way. This was all cloth before. Ick.

Oh, I changed the curtains too. 

And now it's beautiful and ready for our party this Saturday. Can't wait for my realtor and my friends to see it, especially those who saw it pre-renovation. 

Now I've moved on to my bedroom.  I don't want anything major done in there. It's fine really, but I'm not bonding with it, if that makes sense.  I was very fond of my bedroom in our old house and this one is okay, but it's just not quite the same. And I don't have a bathtub to retreat to anymore, so that just leaves my bedroom.  
I really like the color blue.  And the room isn't bad from this angle.

This is the problem. The view from my bed. That's it. Daniel hung the shelf up high so that I wouldn't hit my head on it. I'm 5 feet tall.  I can't even see the stuff on my shelf. Just this white wall. 

So I'm thinking of getting one of those tree decals and putting it up on my wall. It wouldn't be visible from the door, just from the bed and I think it would make me happy. White walls do not make me happy. I actually find them to be somewhat offensive.  

Fortunately there's lots of color in other parts of the house already, so I'm fine with most of the decor.  But something must be done about my room. 

Andrea, this entire blog post is your fault. So everyone else, blame her for this entirely unexciting post.

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