Monday, January 21, 2013

In which friends save my sanity. Temporarily at least.

On Thursday, the bus driver waved goodbye as I got Ethan off the bus and then breezily said "see you on Tuesday!" I had totally blocked out the existence of this 4-day weekend (Ethan doesn't go to school on Fridays).  We managed to distract ourselves on Friday with our new sports class at the community center, followed by a 2-hour trip to Toys R Us to spend some gift cards that the kids got at Christmas.

This weekend we painted the basement! It looks fabulous! I need to track down the before and after pictures and will post them soon. I know you're all dying to see them.

We were out all day yesterday, so that was easy.  Sundays are crazy with church and swim lessons and such.

But today loomed ahead of me, until last night my friends responded to my desperate emails and showed up this morning to entertain me. And our large crowd of kids (there were 5 preschool/kindergarten age kids and 2 babies/toddlers) played nicely together! They entertained themselves! In a room that was away from us! And the toddler who usually spends his time trying to jump off of stairs and walls at my house, played in the playroom! And the baby just sat on her mom's lap and smiled at us! And we got to have actual conversations! It was very unusual and fabulous.

So thankful for friends.

Speaking of friends, we have oodles coming over on Saturday for our housewarming party (if you're local, you're invited! Just let me know!) to see the house.  Which is fun and I need to get my act together and actually plan. 

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Andrea said...

I want to see pictures. :-)