Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting along

I've determined that my kids do in fact get along occasionally. Specifically for the last 20 minutes before Ethan's bus comes and takes him to school, the 5 minutes before Daddy gets home, when I tell them to clean up a mess (which they view as a cue to actually go play nicely with the toys in question, leaving me all confused as to whether or not to remind them that they're supposed to be cleaning up), and for 10 minutes after we've put them to bed, when they suddenly are desperate to hang out together.

They do not get along the rest of the day.  At all.  And despite being in a larger home, they still feel that they need to be within 3 feet of me at all times, so that we can all get the maximum impact from the bickering.

The worst times of the week are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, because they dont see each other all day thanks to different preschool schedules.  You'd think they would be happy to see each other, but instead they fight from the second Ethan steps off the bus until bedtime.

It's been raining endlessly here and we've been mostly in the house and I haven't set up any playdates because I have a pile of school work to do. So it's been a long week. And Daniel's got to meet up with someone about the condo tonight and SAVE ME.

In good news, I didn't let them watch TV this morning, so I have that to fall back on this evening. And it gets dark here before 5, so I can probably convince the kids that it's bedtime around 6 or so.  Seriously, I am going to hurt the person that teaches them to tell time. 

In other good news, the kids have both decided that the dustpans and little brooms that I have lying around the house are pretty much the best toys ever, and they are unwittingly doing my chores for me.  They aren't the best at it, but I will keep encouraging this form of playing :) 

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