Monday, January 7, 2013

"Don't eat yellow snow" and other highlights of my weekend

We went down to my grandmother's house on Friday evening, and  then up to Mt. Hood on Saturday to play in the snow. It was for Trekaroo, and I have an article about the trip due at the end of the month, so I can't get into all of the details here. Except to say that most of us had fun, and Vivian is totally my child.

We messed up and tried to start doing the actual snow activities too close to lunch (which we thought was fine, because Vivian had had breakfast and three snacks on the hourlong drive to the mountain).  Vivian looked like this for the first two hours we were there:

She stopped crying long enough to eat ANOTHER granola bar. But she glared at me the whole time

She's apparently totally my child, because she kept crying about being freezing (I also dislike any temperature that is not 70-75 F). And she didn't want to do anything.  So we hung out and waited for the guys and Vivian cried.

Eventually she got hot chocolate and lunch and was all cheerful again.  Still didn't want to do the main activities, but she stopped crying. Thankfully.

After lunch, we all went snowshoeing for a little while, but the kids tired quickly and so Daniel and his friend continued on without us.  On the way back to drop off the snowshoes, Ethan headed toward a pile of snow near a door, and I told him to not touch it, because there were cigarettes in it. That was that, until we were walking back to the lodge, and he started asking "do rets bite?" I finally figured out that he was talking about the cigarettes and I said no, but they are dirty. We continued walking and came across a bunch of yellow snow, and I passed on the important piece of information that every child must know about yellow snow.  

My kids then spent the next 10 minutes running around yelling "here's a spot with no rets and no yellow snow! Mama, can we play in it? No rets and no yellow snow!"  They also spent a good amount of time discussing whether the yellow snow was made by dogs or humans peeing in the snow.  

All in all, it was a fun day trip, even with Miss Grouchy being a pain.  Now we're back to Seattle and back to school today for Ethan (yeah!) and me (slightly less excited about that, although this term's class is interesting). 

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