Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Attempting to regain momentum

I'm in week 2 of the spring semester and am still trying to get myself moving again.  An entire month away from the books sent my brain back to its old oatmealish consistency.  We wont even discuss what my thighs look like, because the only thing lazier than my brain right now is my body.  And there's a running track ACROSS THE STREET from my house that I can see from most of the windows. But I haven't gone yet and instead eat and get fatter. Which is impressive, given how fat I was before we moved.

I'm back to needing to make daily to-do lists and having dates when assignments or articles are due.  And I'm back to feeling a little disjointed and like I'm not doing a particularly good job of any one thing. Except snacking. I excel at that. 


Part of the issue is that this term I have a new professor and the class is a different format and I don't know if he likes the way I think yet... so I'm angsty about that. I need a grade on last week's assignment already! Need validation!

Writing this post has made me hungry. Need a snack.

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