Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At least I do not have a bat in my bathroom

Monday was pretty unpleasant, thanks to a non-exciting list of task and the lack of diet coke in any form. Then Daniel came home at 7 that night with 4 boxes of my favorite, Diet Cherry Pepsi, and I had high hopes for Tuesday. Then Tuesday turned out to be a lot like Monday, except I also was working on my homework for grad school and got to read a chapter in one of our books about torture.  In fairly horrible detail.  That was kind of a downer, especially given that I am a Highly Gifted Unpleasantness In Any Form Avoider.

So I was kind of dreading today, but then I did my usual quick scan of Twitter when I woke up this morning and saw a tweet from one of my friends, noting that it was 2 AM and there was a bat in her bathroom.  I'm not making this up. Go here to read it. 

And I'm sorry, Maggie, I should not be cheered up by your trauma (but the bat was alone and there is no colony in your attic and no one got bit and I TOTALLY would not be cheered up by this if any of those things were true, I promise!).  But today when I had to unload the dishwasher, my first thought was "but there's no bat in my bathroom!" And when I killed the 7th creepy ant in  my dining room, I thought "but it's not a bat!" And so on.  Yes, I know I'm disturbed. 

And then I banished Vivian to her room this afternoon with books and blankets and her babies so that I could work on my scary paper (almost done!) and SHE FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!! She hasn't napped since Ethan got out of school last June, and so this is a miracle. I was so excited that I called Daniel to tell him to not call me to check in, because our phone is loud and it might wake Vivian up. I win. And there is no bat anywhere in my house. (The bat was caught and dealt with, and she no longer has a bat in her house either. So you win too, Maggie!)

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Sarah and Stewart said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for other local bloggers and thought I would say hello. PS - love diet cherry pepsi! :-)