Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At least I do not have a bat in my bathroom

Monday was pretty unpleasant, thanks to a non-exciting list of task and the lack of diet coke in any form. Then Daniel came home at 7 that night with 4 boxes of my favorite, Diet Cherry Pepsi, and I had high hopes for Tuesday. Then Tuesday turned out to be a lot like Monday, except I also was working on my homework for grad school and got to read a chapter in one of our books about torture.  In fairly horrible detail.  That was kind of a downer, especially given that I am a Highly Gifted Unpleasantness In Any Form Avoider.

So I was kind of dreading today, but then I did my usual quick scan of Twitter when I woke up this morning and saw a tweet from one of my friends, noting that it was 2 AM and there was a bat in her bathroom.  I'm not making this up. Go here to read it. 

And I'm sorry, Maggie, I should not be cheered up by your trauma (but the bat was alone and there is no colony in your attic and no one got bit and I TOTALLY would not be cheered up by this if any of those things were true, I promise!).  But today when I had to unload the dishwasher, my first thought was "but there's no bat in my bathroom!" And when I killed the 7th creepy ant in  my dining room, I thought "but it's not a bat!" And so on.  Yes, I know I'm disturbed. 

And then I banished Vivian to her room this afternoon with books and blankets and her babies so that I could work on my scary paper (almost done!) and SHE FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!! She hasn't napped since Ethan got out of school last June, and so this is a miracle. I was so excited that I called Daniel to tell him to not call me to check in, because our phone is loud and it might wake Vivian up. I win. And there is no bat anywhere in my house. (The bat was caught and dealt with, and she no longer has a bat in her house either. So you win too, Maggie!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Post-party Monday letdown

Somehow I ended up at home today. Without a car, and WITHOUT ANY DIET COKE!  I am having trouble coming up with the energy to attack my hideous Monday to-do list, which includes things like laundry! and reading government documents for my weekly assignment! and mopping my floors! and working on my scary paper!

The party on Saturday kind of rocked.  No pictures to post because I didn't take any.  Too busy having fun.  We weren't sure how many people were coming, but I think we had close to 40. Mostly church friends, but a few of my relatives and Daniel's best friend and some blog friends too.  Who had to answer the question repeatedly "so, wait. You met Carrie on the internet?"  I'd like to point out that I met Daniel on the internet too. 

And we didn't know if people would be bored and just look at the house and leave, but everyone stuck around and ate most of the food that I'd made and got to know one another. And it all made me think that maybe talking to people isn't so awful? Maybe? 

And Ethan's girlfriend (she's 3) came to the party and he asked her dad if he could marry her and her dad said yes. He hasn't gotten around to asking her yet, but he has big plans for them to have 10 kids and sleep in his room (she gets to sleep on the lower bunk where Vivian sleeps) and their kids are going to sleep on the bed in the basement and Vivian and her husband (who he has helpfully picked out for her) are going to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. Daniel and I are apparently being kicked out.  Ethan's been fixated on this idea for some time, and he doesn't ever change the plans, just adds on to them.  She apparently loves him too, even though they don't actually really talk to each other, but they both tell their parents how much they love each other.  Kind of funny.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My basement and other things that I know you were dying to see

My to-do list for today included paying bills, finishing up this week's weekly assignment for school and working on my scary paper that's due on 2/1.  And it's raining and totally grey today, so you can see why I wasn't terribly excited about getting up this morning.  Bleh. Oh, and I'm sad that Ethan's bus route is being changed because he had the nicest, sweetest bus driver and she's often the only adult I see all day, and we're going to miss her :(

Okay, so the basement. There is only one window in the downstairs bedroom and one in the bathroom, so it was already a little dark down there. And the walls looked like this:
I called it carpet, but it was really a thick textured cloth. And it was throughout most of the bedroom and in all of the hallway. 

So anyway, after hearing me whine about hating the basement desperately, my darling husband got our contractor over (I am SUCH a grownup!) and they spent two days cutting plywood and attaching it to the walls. Daniel and I had already taken down the cloth earlier.  

And then after they left, I started twitching with readiness to be done and dragged Daniel to the home improvement store and we bought paint. Fortunately, the previous owners had left primer here and I'd gotten a free quart of paint in a paint giveaway, so we only had to buy one more quart. So this part only cost $15.  I don't know yet how much the rest cost. 

And then I primed the walls and my saintly husband painted and the next day I put up a couple of decals (we can't hang pictures really because it's plywood and behind that is concrete, so we can't use nails).  And this is how it looks now!

Looking down the stairs from the entry way. This was all cloth before. Ick.

Oh, I changed the curtains too. 

And now it's beautiful and ready for our party this Saturday. Can't wait for my realtor and my friends to see it, especially those who saw it pre-renovation. 

Now I've moved on to my bedroom.  I don't want anything major done in there. It's fine really, but I'm not bonding with it, if that makes sense.  I was very fond of my bedroom in our old house and this one is okay, but it's just not quite the same. And I don't have a bathtub to retreat to anymore, so that just leaves my bedroom.  
I really like the color blue.  And the room isn't bad from this angle.

This is the problem. The view from my bed. That's it. Daniel hung the shelf up high so that I wouldn't hit my head on it. I'm 5 feet tall.  I can't even see the stuff on my shelf. Just this white wall. 

So I'm thinking of getting one of those tree decals and putting it up on my wall. It wouldn't be visible from the door, just from the bed and I think it would make me happy. White walls do not make me happy. I actually find them to be somewhat offensive.  

Fortunately there's lots of color in other parts of the house already, so I'm fine with most of the decor.  But something must be done about my room. 

Andrea, this entire blog post is your fault. So everyone else, blame her for this entirely unexciting post.

Monday, January 21, 2013

In which friends save my sanity. Temporarily at least.

On Thursday, the bus driver waved goodbye as I got Ethan off the bus and then breezily said "see you on Tuesday!" I had totally blocked out the existence of this 4-day weekend (Ethan doesn't go to school on Fridays).  We managed to distract ourselves on Friday with our new sports class at the community center, followed by a 2-hour trip to Toys R Us to spend some gift cards that the kids got at Christmas.

This weekend we painted the basement! It looks fabulous! I need to track down the before and after pictures and will post them soon. I know you're all dying to see them.

We were out all day yesterday, so that was easy.  Sundays are crazy with church and swim lessons and such.

But today loomed ahead of me, until last night my friends responded to my desperate emails and showed up this morning to entertain me. And our large crowd of kids (there were 5 preschool/kindergarten age kids and 2 babies/toddlers) played nicely together! They entertained themselves! In a room that was away from us! And the toddler who usually spends his time trying to jump off of stairs and walls at my house, played in the playroom! And the baby just sat on her mom's lap and smiled at us! And we got to have actual conversations! It was very unusual and fabulous.

So thankful for friends.

Speaking of friends, we have oodles coming over on Saturday for our housewarming party (if you're local, you're invited! Just let me know!) to see the house.  Which is fun and I need to get my act together and actually plan. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Attempting to regain momentum

I'm in week 2 of the spring semester and am still trying to get myself moving again.  An entire month away from the books sent my brain back to its old oatmealish consistency.  We wont even discuss what my thighs look like, because the only thing lazier than my brain right now is my body.  And there's a running track ACROSS THE STREET from my house that I can see from most of the windows. But I haven't gone yet and instead eat and get fatter. Which is impressive, given how fat I was before we moved.

I'm back to needing to make daily to-do lists and having dates when assignments or articles are due.  And I'm back to feeling a little disjointed and like I'm not doing a particularly good job of any one thing. Except snacking. I excel at that. 


Part of the issue is that this term I have a new professor and the class is a different format and I don't know if he likes the way I think yet... so I'm angsty about that. I need a grade on last week's assignment already! Need validation!

Writing this post has made me hungry. Need a snack.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting along

I've determined that my kids do in fact get along occasionally. Specifically for the last 20 minutes before Ethan's bus comes and takes him to school, the 5 minutes before Daddy gets home, when I tell them to clean up a mess (which they view as a cue to actually go play nicely with the toys in question, leaving me all confused as to whether or not to remind them that they're supposed to be cleaning up), and for 10 minutes after we've put them to bed, when they suddenly are desperate to hang out together.

They do not get along the rest of the day.  At all.  And despite being in a larger home, they still feel that they need to be within 3 feet of me at all times, so that we can all get the maximum impact from the bickering.

The worst times of the week are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, because they dont see each other all day thanks to different preschool schedules.  You'd think they would be happy to see each other, but instead they fight from the second Ethan steps off the bus until bedtime.

It's been raining endlessly here and we've been mostly in the house and I haven't set up any playdates because I have a pile of school work to do. So it's been a long week. And Daniel's got to meet up with someone about the condo tonight and SAVE ME.

In good news, I didn't let them watch TV this morning, so I have that to fall back on this evening. And it gets dark here before 5, so I can probably convince the kids that it's bedtime around 6 or so.  Seriously, I am going to hurt the person that teaches them to tell time. 

In other good news, the kids have both decided that the dustpans and little brooms that I have lying around the house are pretty much the best toys ever, and they are unwittingly doing my chores for me.  They aren't the best at it, but I will keep encouraging this form of playing :) 

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Don't eat yellow snow" and other highlights of my weekend

We went down to my grandmother's house on Friday evening, and  then up to Mt. Hood on Saturday to play in the snow. It was for Trekaroo, and I have an article about the trip due at the end of the month, so I can't get into all of the details here. Except to say that most of us had fun, and Vivian is totally my child.

We messed up and tried to start doing the actual snow activities too close to lunch (which we thought was fine, because Vivian had had breakfast and three snacks on the hourlong drive to the mountain).  Vivian looked like this for the first two hours we were there:

She stopped crying long enough to eat ANOTHER granola bar. But she glared at me the whole time

She's apparently totally my child, because she kept crying about being freezing (I also dislike any temperature that is not 70-75 F). And she didn't want to do anything.  So we hung out and waited for the guys and Vivian cried.

Eventually she got hot chocolate and lunch and was all cheerful again.  Still didn't want to do the main activities, but she stopped crying. Thankfully.

After lunch, we all went snowshoeing for a little while, but the kids tired quickly and so Daniel and his friend continued on without us.  On the way back to drop off the snowshoes, Ethan headed toward a pile of snow near a door, and I told him to not touch it, because there were cigarettes in it. That was that, until we were walking back to the lodge, and he started asking "do rets bite?" I finally figured out that he was talking about the cigarettes and I said no, but they are dirty. We continued walking and came across a bunch of yellow snow, and I passed on the important piece of information that every child must know about yellow snow.  

My kids then spent the next 10 minutes running around yelling "here's a spot with no rets and no yellow snow! Mama, can we play in it? No rets and no yellow snow!"  They also spent a good amount of time discussing whether the yellow snow was made by dogs or humans peeing in the snow.  

All in all, it was a fun day trip, even with Miss Grouchy being a pain.  Now we're back to Seattle and back to school today for Ethan (yeah!) and me (slightly less excited about that, although this term's class is interesting). 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trying to get everything annoying done early in 2013 :)

Well, it's January again.  And it's a beautiful sunny (and super cold) day in Seattle and the view from my kitchen is gorgeous.  Mountains and trees and lots of sunshine. Love!

New Year's Eve was fairly uneventful here.  The kids and I put on our pajamas early and watched a movie by the fireplace.  Then Daniel's family came by for a little while. Originally I did not think that I wanted to hang out with my in-laws while wearing my pajamas, but I couldn't resist being all warm and cozy and comfy on NYE!  They left around 10 to go to the condo and watch the Space Needle fireworks outside and we returned to TV watching. I don't remember when we put the kids to bed, but they were sleeping before midnight and Daniel and I enjoyed watching the fireworks on TV and welcoming the new year.

So we were off to a good start. For about 15 minutes, and then Vivian started throwing up. Most of the night. So we did laundry and cleaned her up and didn't sleep much. 

New Year's Day saw Daniel drinking a lot of coffee, then going off with Ethan to meet his family for dim sum and a little bit of shopping. So that was good.  And when he got home, I met him at the door and quickly ran away to the store to get out of the house for a bit.

And then I came home and we had dinner and then Daniel fell down the stairs.  It was a matter of time before someone did. Hardwood floors and three flights of stairs.... Yeah.  He's fine, just scraped and bruised.

And then Vivian and I went to bed at 7, but I got hungry and got up to have a snack. And didn't shut the drawer refrigerator (we have a regular fridge and another one that's in a drawer in our kitchen) and so got up this morning to discover that everything in the small fridge was at room temperature.  All of the kids' yogurt and Ethan's turkey and hot dogs.

So we managed to fit stomach flu, falling down the stairs and having to throw out a (small) fridge worth of food into New Year's Day.  Daniel and I decided that we're just being efficient and getting everything out of the way so that the rest of the year can be awesome :)

In other news, we now live just a block from a track/football/soccer field and I can see it every time I look out my window.  One of these days I need to get my chubby rear end over there and start jogging around the track.  I can hear it mocking me...