Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whining. And other miscellaneous stuff.

I wasn't going to brag all over the internet, then I realized that I share virtually everything all over the internet and why would I stop now. I got an A in my grad school class! I decided I could brag because this A is due to two things.  1) Daniel is amazing and supportive and could not have been more helpful and gracious and patient with me this semester. He did whatever it took to help me succeed.  I am grateful and blessed. 2) I actually worked hard. I've never really done that in a class before.  In high school and college, I was able to get decent grades with relatively little effort. And in my last round of grad school, we pretty much always passed. I have no idea what my grades were, but I didn't really enjoy most of the classes and just of endured them.

This time though I loved the study material. And using my brain. And having to think outside the box.  Loved, loved, loved it. And this was a class that I just took because it was on my list of classes for this program and nothing more interesting was available this term.  Next semester I get to take a class that's actually something I'm already interested in. Even better!

In other news, still loving the new house. It's great to have rooms to put things in! We're not jammed in anymore! And when the kids are getting too crazy, I can send them to a different floor! I can still hear them, but they aren't touching me all the time!

It's weird to look out the window and not see people though.  Living on a busy city street, there were people to watch pretty much 24/7.  I knew about the lives of people I never met. Like the people who had the giant dog and lived down the street. They walked to the coffee shop every day and I saw the man wait outside with the seriously enormous dog while the woman got coffee.  I watched this for years. And then this last month- she had a tiny baby strapped to her! I was so excited that I called Daniel and he knew exactly who I was talking about.  And these are people we never met. 

It worked the other way around too.  One day a gentleman walked by us while we waited for Ethan's bus and he stopped to tell me how entertaining he finds Vivian when we're outside, because she's always dancing and leaping and being silly.  He apparently could see us from his home up the street. 

But now there are just trees and squirrels.  Fortunately though, I'm going to have the car a lot more, so that will help.

*Here comes the whiny part.  I warned you.

I have been sick since last Friday night.  Thanks to Miss Germy germ. It's just a cold, but it's a rough one. And I'm sleeping on the couch with Vivian (our beds aren't moved yet) and spending every day moving boxes and unpacking.  And I've been keeping up. Last night, Daniel told me that he was going to swing by the condo and just pick up our little pantry cupboard. That was it. He wasn't going to move anything else and he was going to be home in time for us to have dinner and get the kids to bed on time.

I should have known better and I probably would have done the same thing because I am JUST compulsive as he is.  But I still was so unhappy when he finally got home at 8 PM (traffic was bad, and that did factor in. A bit.) with a car load of the kids' toys and other miscellaneous things. Which the kids immediately dumped everywhere while we were busy unloading the car.  And they did not get to bed on time. 

I know that everything has to move soon, but I feel awful and I just wanted one day to enjoy what I've accomplished so far.  We're hiring a van on Saturday and we can move everything that's left then. We did not need that car load last night.  I just want to lie on the couch and cough.

You are probably saying "why don't you just not deal with the boxes and stuff that he brought last night?" For the same reason that Daniel couldn't help building our new entertainment center last night from 10 PM-1AM. We have a serious inability to leave things undone.  Even though I'm whining, I probably would have brought the car load and stayed up building the entertainment center too.

I am SO buying myself something sparkly when we go to Target this morning.

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Lizzie said...

You deserve ALL THE SPARKLES! I'm sorry you're not feeling well, that makes everything harder...