Monday, December 10, 2012

Things to adjust to

This house is making me feel like a grown-up, for some reason. Maybe because we met the people that we bought it from and they are retired and definitely grown ups?  I don't know.  It just is.

Daniel is a saint and spent the whole day yesterday going back and forth between the condo and here and unloading piles of stuff in the cold and drizzle.  I can't imagine how happy he was to go to work today. We still have stuff left at the condo, but we're making pretty good progress. Today I get to go pick up the cats, which will be nice.

This place is definitely different from our old condo.  In many ways.
1) There are trees. We had a few trees near our old place, but they were city trees. These are wild, tall trees.  There was a squirrel right outside our window when the kids were eating breakfast and they were thrilled to watch it run around.

2) Stairs.  Oh, the stairs.  This place is a townhouse with 4 half levels.  So there are three flights of stairs. And since everything is still in disarray, we are going up and down them a lot.  I need to get in shape to live in this house.

3) We actually have to run the heat and it's still cold.  We never ever turned on the heat in the condo because it was always so stinking warm in there. So this is a novel idea for us.

4) The house has hardwood floors and lots of openings in walls, so it's a very loud house. I was worried about what the kids would get up to when they weren't always in the same room with me. As it turns out, I can hear them from almost anywhere.  I feel like a spy :)

5) This house is fabulous. Our condo was not. The end.

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