Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Skipping Christmas

When I was packing up all of our boxes and bins, I deliberately packed the Christmas stuff separately so that I could easily identify it and decorate our new house. I was dreaming of how pretty it would look.

Yeah, I'm SO not doing that.  :)  Now that we're in and I'm knee deep in boxes (another load comes tonight with Daniel after work!), I just want to unpack and get things in the right place and get my regular decor up so that I can rearrange things obsessively.  I just want to settle.  Christmas decorations be damned.

We're not having Christmas here anyway, so it doesn't matter. And Ethan made his grandparents buy him a tree so that he could have one at their house. 

I moved the cats here yesterday and they seem to be settling in okay.  Totally confused about all of the floors, since all they've really ever known is our 3-room condo.  Our crazy cat hid in the under the stairs storage area for the first night, and now she's taken up residence behind the kids' bookshelf. But honestly, she's really annoying, so I don't mind her hiding. Our good cat has mostly been sleeping on the bunk bed that Ethan's using, since all of his stuff is there and familiar. But she comes out to explore every now and then.

In other news, my professor still hasn't posted our final grades, so I'm spending every minute when I'm not unpacking on the worth task of obsessively checking the website. 

In other other news, it's 3:45 here and rainy and almost dark.  You win, Seattle.

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