Monday, December 17, 2012


Friday was a hard day for me, as it was for everyone in the world who had access to the news, I'm pretty sure.  I spent all day waiting to hear about the fate of a friend's nephew and cried on my keyboard when the worst was revealed to have happened.  Still praying hard for comfort for everyone involved. I know it's going to be a long healing process.

Saturday we got up early and went back to the condo to pack up all the many things that were still there, then some friends showed up to help us move the rest of the boxes and furniture.  Daniel, in typical compulsive fashion, stayed up until 3 AM building our new bed. 

Yesterday is just a blur of tiredness and running around the city to church and to buy cookware that I can use on my induction stove and swim lessons and unpacking boxes and home fellowship and grocery shopping and tiredness.

Today I am determined to get as many things unpacked and put away as possible. I can do it!

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