Sunday, December 9, 2012

In case he hadn't noticed that I was crazy

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of a strange bed. We moved enough stuff yesterday to make it feasible to live in the new house. And at bedtime we set up air mattresses for us and for the kids and then... Ethan (in typical special needs kid fashion) freaked out because he wasn't sleeping "up above".  So then we all trekked down to the basement with our sheets and the few blankets that I'd remembered to pack and slept on the bunk beds in there.  I started out the night on the outside of the bed, but at some point  woke up and got in bed with us (shocker) and Daniel shifted me to the inside of the bed.  So I was a little confused when I woke up.

And then I couldn't see a clock or reach my iPod and I cannot sleep if I don't know what time it is. Seriously, that's a thing for me.  I actually was a participant in a sleep study when I was in grad school (round 1) and all I remember of that is not being able to fall asleep because I couldn't see a clock. I'm that crazy. True story.

Anyway, so this morning I shifted and sniffed and Daniel eventually woke up to go to the bathroom and then I just happened to ask him what time it was. And he informed me that it was 6:45 and then I got up. Even though it was dark. Because it is always dark in Seattle in the winter.

So I got the key to the house on Friday night. And since I was meeting the realtor here, we decided to bring a car load of stuff over at the same time.  So it was 5 PM on Friday night and I drove over to the house and tried to pull into the driveway. Only to discover that the driveway a) was at a weird angle on a crazy steep hill (I knew about the crazy hill, but not the weird angle) and b) was lined with sharp rocks.  I discovered that with the front of my car. So there I was in the pitch dark (always dark in Seattle in the winter!) with a car full of stuff, unable to see out the back mirror, trying to figure out how to get untangled from the rock and how to get into the driveway.

I eventually got off the rock and went to the bottom of the crazy hill that our house is on and called Daniel and panicked. He suggested parking up on a nearby street and walking down, which I tried to do and then that got complicated too, so then I drove DOWN the crazy hill and discovered that it was simple to get into the driveway that way. When I called Daniel back and mentioned that I'd figured things out, he helpfully said "oh yeah. the driveway is impossible from the bottom of the hill. I always turn around and come in from up above." And that is why he can't be upset with me about all the scratches and dented panels on our car, because HE KNEW about the driveway and the rocks and didn't think to mention it to me when I was driving to the house in the dark with a car load of kids and boxes.

Oh, and then I woke up Saturday morning (still at the old house) and rolled over and picked up my iPod (yes, that's the first thing I do! Addict!) and discovered that Comcast had cut off our cable, even though Daniel had called them back on Friday to change the cable moving date from Saturday to Sunday, and I didn't really need cable except for the internet. To take my final exam. Which was only 40% of my grade.  Thankfully Daniel realized that he had a perfectly good office at work with internet, so we traipsed over there and I shut myself in his office and took the exam. And it was kind of great because it was quiet and I wasn't distracted by cats or boxes.

After my final (I don't know how I did yet), we went to IKEA and then back to the condo to pack more bins and load up more boxes and then came back to the new house and unloaded and built furniture and collapsed onto our air mattresses and then we're back to the beginning of this rambling blog post.

I'm pretty tired. And Vivian and I both have a cold, which is not awesome but we're sick in our new house at least!

Oh my goodness. We're in our new house!

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