Saturday, December 29, 2012

I think I might be a grown up now.

I bought a laundry basket last week and am suddenly feeling grown up.  I also purchased an ironing board. It seemed like a grown up thing to do, even if it's unlikely that I will ever use it. We'd rather be wrinkled than iron :)

Fairly settled in the new house now. Right now I'm supposed to be in the basement helping Daniel organize the random stuff we threw in there, but it's cold in the basement and warm up here in the kitchen. So I left and came up where it was warm. Honestly, that's been one of the biggest adjustments for me in this new house- I'm cold all the time. Our old condo never got cold- rarely got below 70 even in the winter and we never turned on the heat in the 6 1/2 years we lived there.  Now we're in this townhouse with lots of floors and windows (good ones, but still) and it is cold in here.  I'm using the heat nervously- I have no idea what to expect from our first electric bill!

We had a nice Christmas.  We drove up to Vancouver, hung out with his parents for an hour or so, then went out for dinner sans kiddos.  The next morning we slept late, and went out for dim sum, which took several hours. Back  to his parents' house where I let the kids open some presents, then out for Christmas Eve dinner with the extended family- again for several hours.  Christmas morning was church, and then off to another dim sum restaurant with most of the same relatives. 45 hours in Canada- 4 eating out experiences. 

Daniel's parents are coming down with his brother and sister-in-law on Monday, so they can stay at the condo and watch the fireworks. It'll be weird for us to not be able to just step outside and watch the fireworks on the Space Needle. It was fun to be a part of city life and stand in the street with everyone from the bar and restaurants and watch the new year come in.  But it'll also be great to celebrate in our new home.  Probably by going to sleep at 10 PM. :)

In school news- got Ethan's kindergarten assignment info this week. My baby is going to Kindergarten next year! And my other baby the year after that! (Secretly very excited!)  And my school is gearing up again- just printed out my first week's assignments for my class that starts next Monday- getting to study International Human Rights this term- so looking forward to it! Need to get my brain working again though- it's definitely been on vacation this month.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  

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