Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hurry up and wait

Everything about this move has been hurry up and wait. We had to put in an offer right away, then wait on the counter. Then we had to move quickly to accept and even more quickly on the inspection. Then more waiting. Then a flurry of mortgage documents and more waiting.  We've been in underwriting for days now and yesterday I had to write a two-paragraph essay detailing why we want to move.  They are NOT messing around with mortgages these days, people. We're supposed to be closing on Thursday and my BIL and SIL are coming tomorrow night to be here for signing (they're on the title) and we don't actually know when the appointment is.  Maybe in 46 hours? I DO NOT KNOW.

I've told the transportation department to have the bus pick up Ethan at the new house on Monday, so hopefully we can be in by then. Or else I'll be hanging out in the driveway with him, because I am not going to mess things up by trying to explain something else to them.  Anytime a message gets across correctly to the school district, you stick with that. 

We're now surrounded by even more boxes, and I think I've gotten to the point where I'm done packing and everything that's left can go in suitcases and bins and we can dump those out at the new place and repeat the process.  That's the good part of only moving a few miles and not having a real timeframe for moving (other than I'm off for break starting Saturday afternoon and I need us to get settled before classes pick up again in January).

I am just so ready to move now. I'm ready to be able to have friends over again, without fear of their kids being crushed by falling boxes.  I'm ready to know where to have things sent and where I'm going to be living.  I'm ready for our new start!  (Can you tell that patience is not my strong point?)

I have to go. The kids are eyeing the tallest pile of boxes and saying something about being hang gliders. This cannot end well...

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