Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wide open spaces

We suddenly have a lot of empty space in our condo. We sold our dining room table last night. It was such an awkward situation. A lovely young couple came to look at it and they liked it.  Or rather, he really liked it and she sort of liked it and we were all standing in the living room together while they decided.  And they bought it and then we all stood around some more while Daniel found his tools and took off the legs and my kids thought it was great to have new friends in the living room and brought out all their toys and made them play catch and it was so weird.  Oh, and then after Daniel got back from helping them take the table to their car, I mentioned that the female half of the couple didn't like the table as much as the male half and Daniel just sort of looked at me blankly. He does not read people particularly well. :)

We also have lots of empty cupboards.  We had one full cupboard of old programming books that Daniel hasn't looked at in 6 years. He got rid of some of them but took most to work. Which is fine, they are not my problem if they are at work.

My favorite part of cleaning out cupboards though was getting to read Daniel's high school yearbooks.  He's still friends with the guys he was friends with in high school, but when I met them (we married when Daniel was almost 38), they were all professionals in their late 30s. With wives and pre-teen/teenage kids.  They had houses and cars and acted like adults when we would get together. So reading what they wrote in Daniel's yearbook when they were 17 is pretty funny. My personal favorite is a two-page comment complete with dirty jokes and innuendo from the guy that grew up to be a doctor. Specifically Daniel's mother's doctor. I am so taking the yearbooks the next time we all get together.

If something falls through with the move, at least we have lots of space here! But that's not going to happen. I am moving in three weeks.  Otherwise I might go insane.

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