Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Daniel and I were telling our church home fellowship group on Sunday night that this has been one of the best years of our lives, in terms of overall awesomeness.

1)  We didn't have to spend more than 4 hours at Children's Hospital this year. Total. 

2) Ethan turned some corner and started eating and dropped a lot of his little quirks and learned to run in a straight line and all of a sudden started soaking up all sorts of information.  We got to really see what a bright, funny little boy he is.

3) Vivian. Oh my goodness, Vivian at 3 is hysterical. She thinks she's my substitute and tries to take over Mommy duty as often as possible.  She puts on shows in our living room and spins and bows and wears great outfits with fluffy skirts and crazy hair. 

4) We got to travel this year.  Daniel and I travel exceptionally well together.  And we got to celebrate our anniversary in Iceland and go to Disneyland and  explore Whidbey Island. And I got to travel even more on my own.

5) My job.  It's been interesting and pays nothing, but is so much fun. I love finding out what's out there and encouraging families to travel.

6) And school! I'm using my brain again and I'm not doing half bad at it and it's challenging and overwhelming at times and still so fabulous.

7) Daniel's doctor seems to finally have his meds balanced pretty well. There are a lot of them, but the side effects seem to be getting under control and for the first time he's not hurting constantly. 

8) Daniel's job is less crazy lately than it has been in a long time.  We're so thankful for a good boss and a good company and that Daniel doesn't hate what he does. 

9) I'm grateful for Daniel in general.  We may not have the most blazingly passionate relationship (especially since neither of us are terribly emotional people), but we love being together and we are great friends and partners there's no one else I'd rather be walking this crazy road of life with.

10) We're moving to an adorable new house in just over two weeks. And every challenge or bump in the road to moving to this house has been resolved in an amazing way that has just heaped blessings on us.

I can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow and share our year of blessing and hear how God has worked in their lives this year.  I love this holiday!

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