Monday, November 5, 2012


After church yesterday we took a giant load of stuff to Goodwill and the pile has reformed next to the door, thanks to a few hours of frantic purging on my part yesterday. Daniel and the kids keep watching me with suspicion and fear in their eyes while they hover over their beloved toys and clothing.  NINE jackets, Daniel. NINE.  Seriously.

I've never moved with kids before. Actually, I've never moved with anyone before, really. When Daniel and I got married, he sold his 3-bedroom house and put his stuff into storage and moved in with me to our studio condo in Seattle while we looked for another place. Then when we moved here, we moved my stuff from the studio (not much) and took his out of storage. So I've never dealt with an "our stuff" situation, much less "kid stuff". 

Fortunately, we always planned to get rid of our furniture when we moved next and the place is coming with some furniture, since it's pretty specific to the house and the sellers don't want it.  Oh, and we discovered this week that it's their vacation home, so now the lack of closets makes sense. Still, we'll make it work. I'm thrilled with the excuse to get rid of things. This month is "use it up" month, so we're having some very interesting meals with the miscellaneous things in the cupboards :)

I'm so ready to go all of a sudden.  I have loved and adored this condo. I loved living where I could walk to Seattle Center and to the grocery store. I was able to interact with other humans or watch people out the window.  I'm pretty sure that's all that kept me sane. I loved going to festivals and museums with the kids.  I loved taking the monorail into the city and playing or shopping there when I needed a change of scenery. And I loved our tiny condo- I could see the kids wherever they were and we are a close family by default- we never can get away from each other!

But I'm READY TO GO. I'm ready to not shush the kids every time they go down the hall or know that my neighbors hear me yelling (which I rarely do, of course :) ).  I'm tired of living across the street from a bar and getting the car out of our tiny parking space. I'm tired of waiting for the board (which I'm on, ironically) to get the storage units built or the lobby remodeled. Both of which are happening in the next few months, of course. And I'm tired of making my bed in the morning while 6 people sitting in front of the coffee shop watch me. 

I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else for these past 6 1/2 years and I will be sad to leave the home where we started our married life and brought our kids to when they came home from the hospital.  I will miss some of our neighbors and the people at the grocery store and my blue and orange walls. 

But still. I'm ready for a new adventure.  One more month.

Ooh, the kids are distracted! Off to search their room for things to add to my pile...

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