Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You know what is great about moving? Keeping up with normal housecleaning chores is pointless. Nothing is where it belongs anyway. Let the chaos rule!

This is not at all how we normally function. Daniel and I are both neat freaks and our condo is small, so we keep it very tidy to maintain our sanity.  I may not (okay, almost always don't) have dinner ready when Daniel gets home, but the kids' stuff is always put away.  Not because he asks me to do that or anything, it's just how I try to show him love.  He might prefer that I actually remember to cook dinner occasionally though...

Anyway, my condo is a DISASTER right now.  Unfortunately my not-cleaning attitude is spreading to unrelated things like doing the laundry or washing dishes.  I need to work on that. Especially since my in-laws are coming Sunday to see the new house and will presumably want to be able to sit on the couch or chairs, and they're currently overflowing with piles of stuff.

I've taken to stalking our new house.  Fortunately I don't have the car much lately so I can't go every day. But when I can, I do.  Under the guise of "just checking to see how far away the new house is from the library" or the play cafe or I-5 or our current condo or a grocery store or whatever.  We need to move before I go completely insane. SO READY TO GO!

In other news, we're selling our dining room table and bed. Great furniture that was very expensive when Daniel bought it. Going for bargain prices! If you know anyone in Seattle who needs furniture, let me know! 

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