Friday, November 30, 2012

I am having nightmares about boxes

So my professor finally let us know when the final is, and as it turns out, he's opening it on Friday night and closing it Saturday night, so instead of moving next Saturday, I'm taking a final exam.  I don't know when I'm moving. Maybe Friday? I HAVE NO IDEA. And Daniel refuses to plan anything until the underwriting (I don't know what that means) comes through. Today or Monday. So I'm living in limbo still.

And today it's raining and I have a headache and the kids are fighting like crazy and I want to press reset on today. 

But in good news, I have an episode of Glee to watch and I have Trader Joe's Butter Chicken (YUM!) for lunch and those are all happy things. And I think I'll go look at the virtual tour of my new house again.  That also makes me smile.  I may get through today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Being very grateful for caffeine

We're moving next week. Either 9, 10 or 11 days from now.  We're waiting to hear when the exact closing date will be and I'm waiting to hear from my professor re: the details of the final exam and essay. After closing and my final, we're off to the new house. We're not taking much of our furniture, so thought we could move without professionals, but then the boxes started piling up and the closets are still completely full (where is this stuff coming from? and where am I going to put it in our closet-less house!?) and we decided that we did in fact need professional help. Not that we've scheduled that or anything.

If you need me, I'll be hiding under the covers on my bed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Daniel and I were telling our church home fellowship group on Sunday night that this has been one of the best years of our lives, in terms of overall awesomeness.

1)  We didn't have to spend more than 4 hours at Children's Hospital this year. Total. 

2) Ethan turned some corner and started eating and dropped a lot of his little quirks and learned to run in a straight line and all of a sudden started soaking up all sorts of information.  We got to really see what a bright, funny little boy he is.

3) Vivian. Oh my goodness, Vivian at 3 is hysterical. She thinks she's my substitute and tries to take over Mommy duty as often as possible.  She puts on shows in our living room and spins and bows and wears great outfits with fluffy skirts and crazy hair. 

4) We got to travel this year.  Daniel and I travel exceptionally well together.  And we got to celebrate our anniversary in Iceland and go to Disneyland and  explore Whidbey Island. And I got to travel even more on my own.

5) My job.  It's been interesting and pays nothing, but is so much fun. I love finding out what's out there and encouraging families to travel.

6) And school! I'm using my brain again and I'm not doing half bad at it and it's challenging and overwhelming at times and still so fabulous.

7) Daniel's doctor seems to finally have his meds balanced pretty well. There are a lot of them, but the side effects seem to be getting under control and for the first time he's not hurting constantly. 

8) Daniel's job is less crazy lately than it has been in a long time.  We're so thankful for a good boss and a good company and that Daniel doesn't hate what he does. 

9) I'm grateful for Daniel in general.  We may not have the most blazingly passionate relationship (especially since neither of us are terribly emotional people), but we love being together and we are great friends and partners there's no one else I'd rather be walking this crazy road of life with.

10) We're moving to an adorable new house in just over two weeks. And every challenge or bump in the road to moving to this house has been resolved in an amazing way that has just heaped blessings on us.

I can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow and share our year of blessing and hear how God has worked in their lives this year.  I love this holiday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wide open spaces

We suddenly have a lot of empty space in our condo. We sold our dining room table last night. It was such an awkward situation. A lovely young couple came to look at it and they liked it.  Or rather, he really liked it and she sort of liked it and we were all standing in the living room together while they decided.  And they bought it and then we all stood around some more while Daniel found his tools and took off the legs and my kids thought it was great to have new friends in the living room and brought out all their toys and made them play catch and it was so weird.  Oh, and then after Daniel got back from helping them take the table to their car, I mentioned that the female half of the couple didn't like the table as much as the male half and Daniel just sort of looked at me blankly. He does not read people particularly well. :)

We also have lots of empty cupboards.  We had one full cupboard of old programming books that Daniel hasn't looked at in 6 years. He got rid of some of them but took most to work. Which is fine, they are not my problem if they are at work.

My favorite part of cleaning out cupboards though was getting to read Daniel's high school yearbooks.  He's still friends with the guys he was friends with in high school, but when I met them (we married when Daniel was almost 38), they were all professionals in their late 30s. With wives and pre-teen/teenage kids.  They had houses and cars and acted like adults when we would get together. So reading what they wrote in Daniel's yearbook when they were 17 is pretty funny. My personal favorite is a two-page comment complete with dirty jokes and innuendo from the guy that grew up to be a doctor. Specifically Daniel's mother's doctor. I am so taking the yearbooks the next time we all get together.

If something falls through with the move, at least we have lots of space here! But that's not going to happen. I am moving in three weeks.  Otherwise I might go insane.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You know what is great about moving? Keeping up with normal housecleaning chores is pointless. Nothing is where it belongs anyway. Let the chaos rule!

This is not at all how we normally function. Daniel and I are both neat freaks and our condo is small, so we keep it very tidy to maintain our sanity.  I may not (okay, almost always don't) have dinner ready when Daniel gets home, but the kids' stuff is always put away.  Not because he asks me to do that or anything, it's just how I try to show him love.  He might prefer that I actually remember to cook dinner occasionally though...

Anyway, my condo is a DISASTER right now.  Unfortunately my not-cleaning attitude is spreading to unrelated things like doing the laundry or washing dishes.  I need to work on that. Especially since my in-laws are coming Sunday to see the new house and will presumably want to be able to sit on the couch or chairs, and they're currently overflowing with piles of stuff.

I've taken to stalking our new house.  Fortunately I don't have the car much lately so I can't go every day. But when I can, I do.  Under the guise of "just checking to see how far away the new house is from the library" or the play cafe or I-5 or our current condo or a grocery store or whatever.  We need to move before I go completely insane. SO READY TO GO!

In other news, we're selling our dining room table and bed. Great furniture that was very expensive when Daniel bought it. Going for bargain prices! If you know anyone in Seattle who needs furniture, let me know! 

Monday, November 5, 2012


After church yesterday we took a giant load of stuff to Goodwill and the pile has reformed next to the door, thanks to a few hours of frantic purging on my part yesterday. Daniel and the kids keep watching me with suspicion and fear in their eyes while they hover over their beloved toys and clothing.  NINE jackets, Daniel. NINE.  Seriously.

I've never moved with kids before. Actually, I've never moved with anyone before, really. When Daniel and I got married, he sold his 3-bedroom house and put his stuff into storage and moved in with me to our studio condo in Seattle while we looked for another place. Then when we moved here, we moved my stuff from the studio (not much) and took his out of storage. So I've never dealt with an "our stuff" situation, much less "kid stuff". 

Fortunately, we always planned to get rid of our furniture when we moved next and the place is coming with some furniture, since it's pretty specific to the house and the sellers don't want it.  Oh, and we discovered this week that it's their vacation home, so now the lack of closets makes sense. Still, we'll make it work. I'm thrilled with the excuse to get rid of things. This month is "use it up" month, so we're having some very interesting meals with the miscellaneous things in the cupboards :)

I'm so ready to go all of a sudden.  I have loved and adored this condo. I loved living where I could walk to Seattle Center and to the grocery store. I was able to interact with other humans or watch people out the window.  I'm pretty sure that's all that kept me sane. I loved going to festivals and museums with the kids.  I loved taking the monorail into the city and playing or shopping there when I needed a change of scenery. And I loved our tiny condo- I could see the kids wherever they were and we are a close family by default- we never can get away from each other!

But I'm READY TO GO. I'm ready to not shush the kids every time they go down the hall or know that my neighbors hear me yelling (which I rarely do, of course :) ).  I'm tired of living across the street from a bar and getting the car out of our tiny parking space. I'm tired of waiting for the board (which I'm on, ironically) to get the storage units built or the lobby remodeled. Both of which are happening in the next few months, of course. And I'm tired of making my bed in the morning while 6 people sitting in front of the coffee shop watch me. 

I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else for these past 6 1/2 years and I will be sad to leave the home where we started our married life and brought our kids to when they came home from the hospital.  I will miss some of our neighbors and the people at the grocery store and my blue and orange walls. 

But still. I'm ready for a new adventure.  One more month.

Ooh, the kids are distracted! Off to search their room for things to add to my pile...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Five crazy days

Last weekend I made the comment to Daniel and his friend who was visiting that I have lived in this condo longer than I've ever lived in one home in my entire life.  Just over six years.  My previous record was in Knoxville TN, where I lived in the same house from the time I was 12 until I had to move to live with church friends for a month before college, since my parents moved away and left me. They did that again a few years later. I eventually got the message :)

So, since I've lived here for a record length of time, that means it was clearly time for insane real estate week.  We first saw the potential new property on Sunday late afternoon. The inspection is today at 4.  In the space of 5 days we saw it, got our realtor out, put in an offer, accepted their counteroffer and now inspection is scheduled.

My brother-in-law, who will actually be the one owning the house, is stuck on a miserable cruise in Europe where they have high winds and haven't been able to actually make any of their stops at port. So he's stuck on the boat with limited communication with us, hoping we aren't nuts, because we'll be pretty much done with the process by the time he gets back.

That's kind of how decent properties are going around here these days. FAST.  Hopefully it'll be good news for us when its time to sell this condo.

Of course, this is all dependent on the outcome of the inspection today.  That always has the potential to be a game changer.

So, I've spent the past few days channeling my nervous energy into cleaning closets. I'm a minimalist and generally a very tidy person, but there's a big difference between "do we have space for this in our tiny home" and "do I want to pay to move this and where the heck is it going to go in my new closet-less house".  This means relentless purging. And a lot of bugging my husband about why on earth he owns 9 jackets, many of which I would not be willing to seen in public with him if he was wearing them.