Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We are possibly suffering from temporary insanity

As I speak, offer papers are going in on a house.  EEEKKK!  Since we both liked it so much on Sunday, we met with our realtor yesterday and went through the house again.  And even though it hadn't suddenly grown closets or bathtubs, we still loved it and put in an offer.  Wait, what's that? There are no closets or bathtubs?  Yes. And the fridge is currently a mini fridge. 

I told you we've lost our minds.  We currently live in 900 square feet with no storage, but we have pretty good closet space. This new house has no bathtubs, one small closet in one of the bedrooms and no full sized fridge.  So we'd have to 1) get rid of a lot of stuff, 2) buy a fridge (there is space for one) and  3) get rid of more stuff. Oh and 4) teach our kids to take showers.

I'm okay with those things, actually. The kids love showers when they take them at swim lessons and while we went through the house again last night, they went from bathroom to bathroom, pretending to take showers.  And I hate stuff.

Everyone in our family thinks we need a bigger place, and we do need separate bedrooms for the kids in a few years, and that's a possibility at this new place.  But we don't actually want a traditional yard (this house has paving stones in the front yard) and we like living in a small space. 

Oh, and we absolutely adore this property, for all its quirks.

So, we'll see what happens.  Not expecting to hear back for a couple of days. And if it doesn't work out, that's a lot less stress on my future- no packing and moving! But if it does work out, it's going to be quite the adventure ahead of us....

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