Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This week, my kids ate almost an entire jar of peanut butter

My kids ate almost an entire jar of peanut butter this week. And not even on sandwiches, since neither of them can actually take peanut butter to school.  But that's not the exceptional thing, the exceptional thing is that my KIDS. Plural. Ate the peanut butter.

If you're my Facebook friend, this is old news.  But tough - you have to hear it again.   Because after 3 years and 5 months of fighting with Ethan over every. single. calorie.... he's eating.  He's actually been eating for about a month now, but at first we thought it was a fluke. But then he kept eating. And he started saying he was hungry (he's never done that), and asking to try bites of our food (ditto) and wanting snacks constantly. He's eating new foods and loving them.

He's also wearing colors other than yellow and branching out of his comfort zone in lots of different ways.  We're not sure what happened other than it being an answer to prayers, but it's made a huge difference in our world.

He's still got the feeding tube and is still getting feeds through that every other day or so.  Because he's 5 and weighs 33 pounds.  We still need to get some weight on him. But I'm hopeful that we can start introducing super high-calorie foods to him and wont have to rely on the feeding pump too much longer. That would be a dream.

In other news, I have about 50,000,000 pages left to review for my midterm, which I'm taking Saturday afternoon. Yesterday I let the kids play in their room alone while I studied and I knew it was going to end badly (especially when they were quiet and or playing nicely together).  It looked like a toy store threw up on their room when I finally ventured in. But whatever. 

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