Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was an early reader and I honestly think that reading quickly (I don't read line by line, I do something else that I can't entirely explain, but it works) was the biggest reason I was good at my old job. I love reading and would happily go to bed and read a book rather than watch TV.  Almost always.  Reading opens up so many new worlds. Daniel doesn't read, other than work emails and real estate profiles. EVER. I am baffled by this. 

I'm anxious to pass on my love of reading to the kids. I have shelves full of books that I loved when I was younger and can't wait to pass them on to Ethan and Vivian. It's taking a little longer than I'd hoped- Ethan is just not "getting" the alphabet. He can sing it just fine, but cannot identify more than a handful of letters. We're not sure if he is just messing with us (possible), or if he's just too busy crashing things and jumping off things to learn (also very possible) or if there's something else going on.  His teachers are keeping their eyes open and so are we, hoping to figure out what's up before he hits kindergarten.

But there's new pressure on him- Miss Vivian has decided that she wants to read.  And when Vivian decides she wants to do something, that's pretty much the end of the story. This is the child who potty trained herself in three days.  Yesterday we were sitting and playing with a letter puzzle. And she looked at the puzzle and then at me and said "C, O, W. Cow." And I was shocked- that's the first time a kid of mine has spelled a word.  Ethan kind of looked at her and at his puzzle and then went back to pretending the letters were football players and smashing them into each other. She's been the one to motivate him into finally doing most of the things he was delayed with doing, so hopefully it'll work again in this case.

Hats off to teachers- I try to do letter games with the kids but get so frustrated with the same blank stares and explaining the same thing over and over. I do not have the patience! Very blessed to have great teachers at both kids' preschools.

In other news, we have a playdate today but don't have to be there until 11. So I, of course, woke up at 4:45. And I can't even go jogging, because Daniel has to leave early today.  So not right...


Connor Harley said...

You are a bookworm. A bookworm like me! And I'm proud of it. But there are different meaning of reading, right? Like you, you are teaching your kids to read. And that's good. There's no other better teacher than a parent, a mother.

maggie said...

Vivian! You are so awesome!!! Holy C-O-W!

I have to say, I tried SO HARD to get Jack into reading before kindergarten because I thought he NEEDED to because I DID - I don't know, it's stupid. But he fought me and wasn't interested and only wanted to do it HIS way. But now, in kindergarten, it's AMAZING. He's got such a fantastic teacher and I can SEE week by week the progress he makes recognizing words and reading poems and stories. Maybe Ethan just needs a little time and the right motivation! Peer pressure works too!