Monday, October 29, 2012

It's 9 AM and my kids are still asleep

I just peeked in at my kids and they're sound asleep. At 9 AM. And Vivian is in her own bed, where she's been all night.  From Friday afternoon through the weekend, they got along and played nicely together. WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HOUSE?  Who are these children?  I'm thinking alien abduction/pod people...

Daniel left me alone at home with Vivian on Saturday to go to a car museum with his best friend.  They took Ethan along. And our car.  Which meant I had to entertain myself close to home. Which of course meant that I had to go downtown and shop. It's always entertaining shopping with Vivian- the girl has lots of opinions. At one point I was trying on a dress and didn't love it. But Vivian did, and she cried (loudly) about me not wanting to buy it. For about 5 minutes, until I put back the dress I did like and picked up another one (same style that I had liked) in a color closer to the one she preferred. I'm so looking forward to her teenage years if she's like this at 3.

Yesterday I went to my second open house. We're sort of looking for a new place- Daniel's brother is interested in investing and we'd rent it from him and live in it.  If nothing works out, fine- we're okay with where we are.  I normally try to avoid seeing potential properties because I tend to fall in love with them and am not really capable of being rational about the whole process. It's Daniel's hobby to look at real estate and he knows what he's doing, so I leave it up to him. And Ethan- he's becoming something of an expert as well. But I really liked the pictures of the property we saw yesterday, so went along to the open house. And, as expected, fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, so did everyone else that was there at the open house, so I don't have much hope. 

However, it was amusing to see people be amused by the kids as they walked around and checked out closets and made comments about the size of rooms and what features they weren't seeing.  Little real estate moguls in the making.

In other news, my university is closed today for the hurricane. Given that I'm thousands of miles away, this doesn't affect me much.  Praying for everyone on the east coast to stay safe. My parents are way inland and are still getting high winds. My brother and his wife are in the big snow zone. Should be an interesting week for all of them. Hope it all passes quickly.

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