Thursday, September 20, 2012

One kid

Since the kids have non-overlapping preschool schedules (my free time home alone on Tues/Thurs is down to 35 minute now, but I'm still relishing every moment...), I'm home alone with one kid or the other fairly often. I'm used to being home alone with Vivian- it's been reality during the school year since Ethan started preschool back a couple of years ago.

But I haven't spent any large amount of time alone with Ethan since he was 21 months old (when Vivian was born).  And I'm so thrilled to have this time now- he's such a different kid when Vivian isn't home! Normally when the two of them are together, they're racing or wrestling or just generally trying to out-loud the other.  I'm sure the neighbors lie in their beds at night trying to come up with ideas for how to get us to move. Far away.  They love each other, but that doesn't translate to nice, quiet playtime when they're together.

It's fun getting to know Ethan as an individual and see the darling little 5-year-old person that he's become. He asks me questions and we have discussions about things like "where to build lots of new stadiums so that we can have the Olympics in Seattle (he decided that it would be best to just put the new stadiums on top of existing buildings since the roads and the water weren't practical for building stadiums)" and "why do they keep talking about sin all the time in the Buck Denver DVDs?" and, of course, "is Lightning McQueen the fastest race car ever?" and "did the Mariners win today?"  We actually play games and he follows the rules and we read books all the way through (these things do NOT happen when both kids are around). 

And it's cute to hear him ask what I think Vivian's doing at school- it's kind of weird for both of us that Vivian has a life that doesn't involve Mommy or Ethan.  We're used to being the center of her world. 

I love this kid.

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