Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a rainy Friday- and my sweetie pie's birthday!

Today is my darling husband's birthday. I know lots of bloggers write lists like "on your 33rd birthday, here are 33 things that are great about you".  But Daniel turned 45 today and I simply don't have that kind of spare time :)  I'll say though, that it wouldn't be difficult to come up with 45 things that are great about him.

The kids and I ran out of energy yesterday by mid-afternoon and spent the evening watching a Star Trek: The Next Generation movie (I'm trying to corrupt them when they're young) and Backyardigans.  Today it's raining and I'm not so secretly very happy about that. No pressure to go outside and enjoy the sunshine! I see lots of unproductive behavior in our future today.

Daniel's off to Canada on Sunday morning, so I'll be home alone with the kids until Monday night. It's been a while since I solo parented for that long (spoiled!) so that should be interesting.

And in other news, I have a mid-term test coming up for my Con. Law class. This means that I have been spending lots of time organizing the kids' room and my closet and things like that. When I was in grad school last time, I redecorated my uncle's entire house (with his permission). They would know that I had a project due or test to study for when they came home and found me peeling wallpaper off the walls :) I'm very productive when I'm procrastinating!

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