Saturday, September 8, 2012

I haven't got the foggiest idea what day it is

So, I don't have any idea what day it is.  Seriously. I traveled Thursday-Saturday of last week, then we had Labor Day, then my family went to the beach Wednesday-Friday and I'm now completely confused. 

But the trips have been worth the confusion. My press trip to Oregon was fabulous and then have been having a great week with the family.  We went to the beach this week with four generations of family. They're all crazy, but they're my family and I love them. 

My parents stayed down in Oregon one extra night, so Daniel and I got to go out with his best friend for dinner last night before heading back to Seattle.  Then today was an odd combination of a movie screening, a memorial service, sushi lunch, running errands and waiting for the kids to come home. 

Today's memorial service was lovely and uplifting, but I'm still a little down, nonetheless. It was for a friend's dad, who was the same age as Daniel's parents. Daniel's brother's wife's dad passed away yesterday (and in Chinese culture that's a close relative of ours), so we'll be heading north for his memorial service sometime soon.  And spending time with my grandmother and her twin sister this week reminded me that they're aging. Don't like this trend.

In other news, I need a nap.  Too much going on lately.

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