Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a rainy Friday- and my sweetie pie's birthday!

Today is my darling husband's birthday. I know lots of bloggers write lists like "on your 33rd birthday, here are 33 things that are great about you".  But Daniel turned 45 today and I simply don't have that kind of spare time :)  I'll say though, that it wouldn't be difficult to come up with 45 things that are great about him.

The kids and I ran out of energy yesterday by mid-afternoon and spent the evening watching a Star Trek: The Next Generation movie (I'm trying to corrupt them when they're young) and Backyardigans.  Today it's raining and I'm not so secretly very happy about that. No pressure to go outside and enjoy the sunshine! I see lots of unproductive behavior in our future today.

Daniel's off to Canada on Sunday morning, so I'll be home alone with the kids until Monday night. It's been a while since I solo parented for that long (spoiled!) so that should be interesting.

And in other news, I have a mid-term test coming up for my Con. Law class. This means that I have been spending lots of time organizing the kids' room and my closet and things like that. When I was in grad school last time, I redecorated my uncle's entire house (with his permission). They would know that I had a project due or test to study for when they came home and found me peeling wallpaper off the walls :) I'm very productive when I'm procrastinating!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

One kid

Since the kids have non-overlapping preschool schedules (my free time home alone on Tues/Thurs is down to 35 minute now, but I'm still relishing every moment...), I'm home alone with one kid or the other fairly often. I'm used to being home alone with Vivian- it's been reality during the school year since Ethan started preschool back a couple of years ago.

But I haven't spent any large amount of time alone with Ethan since he was 21 months old (when Vivian was born).  And I'm so thrilled to have this time now- he's such a different kid when Vivian isn't home! Normally when the two of them are together, they're racing or wrestling or just generally trying to out-loud the other.  I'm sure the neighbors lie in their beds at night trying to come up with ideas for how to get us to move. Far away.  They love each other, but that doesn't translate to nice, quiet playtime when they're together.

It's fun getting to know Ethan as an individual and see the darling little 5-year-old person that he's become. He asks me questions and we have discussions about things like "where to build lots of new stadiums so that we can have the Olympics in Seattle (he decided that it would be best to just put the new stadiums on top of existing buildings since the roads and the water weren't practical for building stadiums)" and "why do they keep talking about sin all the time in the Buck Denver DVDs?" and, of course, "is Lightning McQueen the fastest race car ever?" and "did the Mariners win today?"  We actually play games and he follows the rules and we read books all the way through (these things do NOT happen when both kids are around). 

And it's cute to hear him ask what I think Vivian's doing at school- it's kind of weird for both of us that Vivian has a life that doesn't involve Mommy or Ethan.  We're used to being the center of her world. 

I love this kid.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The first day of school, 45 minutes of solitude, and the contents of my brain

Ethan had his first day of preschool yesterday- the bus actually showed up early on both ends (he's still on the bus WAY too long for a 5-year-old), and apparently school went well. Before he left, we took the obligatory photos:

They look pretty much the same as in last week's photos for Vivian's first day of school, but whatever :)  

My parents left this morning right after we walked Vivian up to school. Much weeping and sadness all around.  Their departure also meant that I had to deal with the kids' schedules on my own for the first time.  I honestly had a moment yesterday when Vivian was out with my parents and I couldn't exactly remember where Ethan was (he was at school). Daniel and I joked that I need to make a chart like an "in the office/out of the office" board to keep track of which kid is where.

Currently, Ethan leaves for school just after noon and I leave to walk up the (insanely steep) hill to Vivian's school at 12:50. This means that I have 45 minutes of solitude at home, two days per week. It's likely to shrink after they get Ethan's bus schedule improved, but I'm relishing every minute while it lasts.  It's especially precious after the last month of really fun and really fabulous gatherings and visits and trips and family reunions. They've been fun, but my introvert side needs to recharge a bit. 

Daniel got to go on a press trip with me this weekend, which served two functions. 1) We got to be together on a fun trip and 2) he got to see that what I do, while super fun and pretty much the best out-of-the-home job ever, is definitely not vacation.  It's fun work, but it's still work. It's nice to have him know that. Easier to leave that way when I need to go. 

And still juggling lots of balls in the air at once. I'm loving my constitutional law class- it's challenging and interesting and educational and I really am so glad I picked this class. And I love Trekaroo and doing all the many projects that I'm working on for them. However, I'm pretty sure my brain looks like the news ticker in Times Square- there's always something scrolling in the background, always something that needs to be done. Currently the ball that's gotten dropped is the kids' bedroom. It's massively out of control. Thankfully fall break for grad school is just a few weeks off, and I plan to deal with the disaster then. Until then, we are just happy to have the ability to close their bedroom door :) 

Anyhoo, that's what's going on in sunny Seattle. Can't complain- it's a busy life, but a good one!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The first day of preschool (finally!)

Vivian's real first day of preschool should have been last Thursday, but we had planned a big family beach trip back before we knew she'd be going to school on Thursdays. Then her next first day would have been Tuesday, but she decided to catch her brother's nasty virus over the weekend and was still sick. But finally the day came! My kids are NOT morning people, so getting her up and ready this morning was a bit challenging. We made it though, and even had time for some photos before school:

We climbed the giant hill to her school, then realized we were too early, so went halfway back down and played at the park for a bit. Then back up the hill to drop Vivian off. Seriously, she took off her shoes, went in and that was it.  She had to be forced to come back to hug and kiss us goodbye.

Vivian's always been my clingy kid- the one with separation anxiety. She's brave and outgoing when her brother is around, but on her own she's always been shy. Apparently not anymore. She's so excited to be a big girl and go to school. She's been asking about it for over a year now.  I hadn't planned to put her in preschool at 3 (mostly because it's expensive and I am cheap) but I think we made the right decision.

My baby is growing up!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I haven't got the foggiest idea what day it is

So, I don't have any idea what day it is.  Seriously. I traveled Thursday-Saturday of last week, then we had Labor Day, then my family went to the beach Wednesday-Friday and I'm now completely confused. 

But the trips have been worth the confusion. My press trip to Oregon was fabulous and then have been having a great week with the family.  We went to the beach this week with four generations of family. They're all crazy, but they're my family and I love them. 

My parents stayed down in Oregon one extra night, so Daniel and I got to go out with his best friend for dinner last night before heading back to Seattle.  Then today was an odd combination of a movie screening, a memorial service, sushi lunch, running errands and waiting for the kids to come home. 

Today's memorial service was lovely and uplifting, but I'm still a little down, nonetheless. It was for a friend's dad, who was the same age as Daniel's parents. Daniel's brother's wife's dad passed away yesterday (and in Chinese culture that's a close relative of ours), so we'll be heading north for his memorial service sometime soon.  And spending time with my grandmother and her twin sister this week reminded me that they're aging. Don't like this trend.

In other news, I need a nap.  Too much going on lately.