Sunday, August 19, 2012

The last day

I am feeling an overwhelming need to cram the reading of lots of trashy books into my evening (I read fast) because today is THE LAST DAY. Tomorrow is the beginning of my 20th year of formal education (why I am I still so dumb and clueless most of the time with that much school behind me?) and today I also got the (slightly overwhelming) training materials for my work with Trekaroo.  (The greatest family travel site out there- seriously! I don't get paid for my job, so I can say that with no conflict of interest!)

But, in other, less stressful news, I ordered a pretty school year organizer on Amazon and bought pretty folders and files at Target and a super gorgeous file box at the Container Store.  So I am clearly focusing on the essentials and I am ready!

We spent the weekend at more birthday parties and hanging out with Daniel's best friend and eating lots of restaurant food and stuff like that. But today I FINALLY made it to lap swim time at the pool. I haven't swum for exercise in almost 20 year and boy is it tiring! But I love any aerobic activity in which I do not sweat (I despise sweating) so I think I will stick with it. Although I've totally forgotten how to side breathe and spent all my time doing butterfly or breaststroke and not sticking my head in the water. But still, it was exercise and I need that, so that's a win still.

Oh, and the sun finally went away most of the weekend and Ethan and I spent all of our time gazing at the cloudy sky and saying things like "look at the pretty weather!" and "it's so nice when the sun isn't out!" We have issues.

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