Thursday, August 23, 2012

The best week in a long time

Monday night Daniel came home to find me lying on the living room floor, glass of wine in hand, watching whatever happened to be on the channel that was on the TV when I pressed the power button. I had spent the day watching training videos for work and taking the intro to the library class for school and reading legal opinions and my other course material for the week. I had woken up at 4:30 that morning and not stopped moving all day. 
Monday was rough and I was totally overwhelmed. Then came Tuesday and it wasn't too stressful because I'd gotten so much done on Monday. And the week continued and I participated in class discussions and the professor seemed to not think I was too idiotic with my thoughts and I was enjoying what I was reading and it did not suck.
And I'm finding ways to fit things in.  And having the "I hate to relax" personality that I do, it's actually helping me get more done. 

I realize that I'm only 4 days into things and next week I am traveling for the travel site (alone! Whoo hoo!) and will have to do school while on the road. But it's okay. 

I'm kind of having a blast :)

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