Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In which I went outside for an extended period of time and did not die

I'm home now. In case you noticed I was gone. We've been camping for the past three days. My dad says it's not camping because we stayed in a cabin and not a tent, but it was a rustic cabin and in a state park and we had to use the same bathrooms as people with tents, so I say it's camping.

I'm sunburned and puffy from too much salt and am feeling a little allergic, but we had a great trip and it was all worth it.

The campground that we chose was a couple of hours from here and required a ferry ride! And driving! And the second day we were there we ventured into the nearby National Park where we made friends with a lot of deer and saw some of the most spectacular scenery that I've ever seen in my life.

My city kids got to run around barefoot outside and throw rocks into water and climb the side of mountains and do all sorts of other fun things that they never get to do.  I still am not a fan of nature myself, but I know the kids need it, so we will probably continue doing this version of camping in the future. Not soon though. I intend to lock myself in my condo in the city for at least the next two weeks. 

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