Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In which I realize that I actually survived this summer

I was telling a friend the other day on Twitter that I've had a headache pretty much every day since Ethan got out of school. I love him, but BOY IS HE LOUD!!! And when he's loud, Vivian has to try to match/beat the loudness and it's not a good thing.  The days certainly have been very long this summer.

But then yesterday I was at the park with a friend and we were talking about how long the days were and she asked what I had going on for the next 20 days until Ethan goes back to school (19 days now!) and I said that today was full of playdates and outings and shopping and then I'm off tomorrow on a press trip and then my parents show up Monday and we're off on a family beach trip and then Vivian starts school and then Ethan starts school the day before my parents leave.... and I realized that yesterday was the last day that I had to figure out how to entertain the kids until bedtime.

I SURVIVED! I'm not on my own with the kids again after tonight, and we are busy, busy, busy today!!!!

Big smiles from me :)

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