Friday, August 3, 2012

Deep breath

Grad school starts in 17 days now.  I'm only enrolled in one class this fall since the kids wont ever be out of the house at the same time (Ethan goes to preschool 4 days/week in the PM and Vivian two days/week in the AM) and they say to estimate 9 hours/week of reading/work per class.  And I thought 9 hours/week was manageable.

And then in June I got asked to travel for a family travel site I've been contributing to for years and now I have two more trips lined up for the near future. And yesterday I talked to the people and have now committed to working with them in an more official (but unpaid) position. That requires 10-15 hours/week. But, it will give us a chance to do local travel as a family, and with the expense of grad school, there isn't going to be any money to travel for a couple of years. So if we ever want to leave the house, this is a good thing.

I suddenly have the equivalent of a part time job, and my kids are still going to be home. I was telling my parents that I'm going to be living the life that I could probably manage easily two years from now when they're both in school. Except I'm doing it two years earlier than I should.

Still, the opportunities are too good to pass up and I think I can do it. I actually thrive on being busy (or at least I used to, and hopefully it's in there somewhere!). And I have a ridiculously supportive husband who is behind all of this.

I am having mini panic attacks though, just because this is all unknown (I hate the unknown) and it's all happening at once. I have clearly lost my mind.

Philippians 4:13- "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." (I printed this out and stuck it on my door). 

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Alissabeth said...

Lady you can totally do it! I live where you are headed (two small kids, grad school and several part-time worky things). True, my kids go to daycare two days a week but I am taking three classes next quarter. :)

I am putting my money on hard-but-worth-it, for you.