Monday, July 9, 2012

Playing catch up

The last wedding-related activity for me was dropping a friend off at the airport this morning, so now all the festivities are done and it's time for catching up with real life. I'm currently doing laundry and torturing my kids by not letting them watch another movie (I'm so mean- I'm forcing them to play with toys! In their toy-stuffed bedroom!)

The wedding yesterday was amazing and as close to perfect as you could get. My best friend was gorgeous, the groom was adoring and sweet and everyone had a blast.  I'm uploading photos and wishing my arms didn't look quite so large and pale, but otherwise everything was perfect :) As expected, Vivian did melt down several minutes into the ceremony, when Daniel wouldn't let her come up to me, but he had planned ahead and sat at the back of the room, so was able to make a getaway and the cries of "I want my Mommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!!" disappeared quickly..

And now it's time for summer! All of our classes and activities start this week, and I have several people that I need to schedule playdates with. The sun is shining- let's get moving!

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Emily said...

That picture of you and Vivian is GORGEOUS!