Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My archnemesis

I'd like you all to meet my archnemesis.

Her name is Yellow Kitty, but we pretty much just call her Wo-Kitty.  She has a sister cat, named Purple Kitty.  Ethan's "babies" are Monkey and Froggie.  We clearly excel at naming things.  Our real cats only have names because they came with them.  Really, it's a miracle that Ethan and Vivian have real names.

But I digress.  I HATE Wo-Kitty.  Wo-Kitty is the bane of my existence. Because Vivian cannot function without her.  She believes that sans-Wo-Kitty, she cannot suck her thumb. And if she can't suck her thumb, she is a very unhappy person. As are all the people around her.  One of the few instructions I gave my parents before we went to Iceland in February was to not lose Wo-Kitty under any circumstances. And if they did, to know that their lives were over.

Here's the thing. Vivian loves Wo-Kitty and wants her constantly, but she also loses her. CONSTANTLY.  If Wo-Kitty goes on a walk with us, I have to spend the whole time checking for her, because Vivian will just be walking along and see a flower or a dog or something and drop her on the sidewalk.  I've had to backtrack so many times to find Wo-Kitty.

It's even worse at home. Vivian will be having a quiet time and then will pop up and run off to do something and Wo-Kitty will get lost somewhere along the way.  And even though my condo is microscopic, we never seem to be able to find her quickly.  Particularly interesting spots where she has been found include behind the picture frame on my nightstand, behind the bathroom door and in the snack cupboard. I have lost DAYS of my life looking for this thing.  Yet I keep doing it, because Vivian adores her.  The life of a mom.

In other news, I decided to try swimming as exercise, since I keep injuring myself with all other forms of exercise.  Which meant I needed a different suit, as the one I have is more of a lounging suit. Which meant the kids and I had to go shopping yesterday.  And let me tell you, shopping for a bathing suit with a 3 year old and a 4 year old in the changing room with you... quite the experience. 

And in other, other news, we found a park close to our home! Still up the hill a bit, but not as far as the other one and it is fabulous and has great play equipment. Oh, and this view.
Not too shabby, eh?

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The Crislers said...

So I saw the title to this post under "More from BlogHer" on my blog, and was intrigued enough to click on it- then laughed out loud when I saw the photo and realized just who (or what, I suppose) your archnemesis was! So funny!