Friday, July 6, 2012

I am apparently the least social person ever

We're in the midst of a super-happy week here- my best friend/aunt (don't ask, my family is super-complicated with the relationships, and no, she's not old even though she's my aunt, she's only 3 years older than me and there is also an aunt 9 months older than me). And I am exhausted.  Because I apparently am incapable of being around people. Even ones I have known my entire life. And tomorrow a friend arrives for the wedding who is staying with us until Monday! And the festivities are JUST BEGINNING!

Yesterday we had a fun 4th of July party at my aunt's fiance's house, which is in a town that I never go to (except for the big fair, every 5 years or so) and I don't know how to drive to, so therefore it doesn't really exist.  Even our GPS had no idea where we were going. Which affirms my opinion that it doesn't exist. And there were an insane amount of fireworks. Seriously, we're talking professional quality fireworks, but set off in the street! Next to houses! Are these people insane?! And it all was have been great and beautiful, but I'm a mom and spent my entire time huddling over my kids and hoping not to become newspaper article feature. And then we escaped from the suburbs and went back to the city and I was eventually okay. I should note, everything else about the gathering was fun.

And today we had the bachelorette brunch and I ate so much great food that I am terrified about zipping into my bridesmaid's dress on Sunday. Thank goodness for shapewear.

Speaking of shapewear, this is another thing that my husband is unable to understand. "What is that?" "What does it do?" "Where does the stuff go?"  It's seriously hard being fat and married to a skinny person.

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