Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In which I will prove that I am the worst mother ever

Confession- I've been away from home since Sunday morning and I don't really miss my kids.  This fact is largely due to the existence of Skype and every time I start missing them, we end up video chatting and the kids are either fighting or flooding the bathroom with bath water or peeing on the floor or something. Then I shut off Skype and sit in my quiet hotel room and sleep alone in the bed with no 3-year-old feet in my face.  And I contemplate running away to hide when it's time to go to the airport on Friday.

I will be glad to see them though once I get home and get back into "mommy mode"- they are my loves and I adore them.  But it's been awfully nice to be a plain old human being for a few days.  To zipline and climb walls and do things out of my comfort zone and briefly be an adventurous woman and not be identified by the little people that I have in tow.

I do miss Daniel though, because he's a great travel partner.  And I think he may run away from home when I get back. His mom has been a huge help, but it's still been a lot of pressure on him to juggle work and getting Ethan on his special bus and off his bus and keep the kids from damaging his mom.

This week I've definitely been able to see why people are always encouraging moms to take breaks and time for themselves. I rarely listen to that, and I can feel the difference.  So that's my take-away and my message to other moms- take breaks. It will make you a better mom.  I know that I'm going to be more patient and loving and more willing to cuddle instead of "accomplishing things on my to-do list" when I get home Friday night because I have had a break from cooking and laundry and wiping bums.  Which is good, because tomorrow is Ethan's last day of school until mid-September and I have to be ready to go with summer activities!

In other news, I have alternately sweated more than I have in my life (this area is experiencing an unusual heat wave and the temperature + humidity today resulted in a "real-feel" temp of 105. And it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Whee!) and eaten more than any human should in just a few days. 

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