Monday, May 7, 2012

Things that are awesome on this Monday afternoon

1.  This post by Princess Nebraska. Perfect antidote to my self-loathing post on Saturday. Love, love, love her perspective.

2. I painted my nails a pretty lilac shade on Saturday night and I love them madly. I tend not to paint my nails, because they don't like being painted, but I did this time and they make me smile. Vivian did not approve, because she only likes the color pink, but whatever.  It's like having springtime on my hands.

3.  I was awoken this morning by my husband walking into our bedroom, carrying a folded pile of towels. He'd folded the rest of the giant pile of laundry that I couldn't handle last night as well. And then he brought me coffee in bed.  I am so blessed.

4.  My kids played nicely this morning and only fought a tiny bit and they didn't ask to watch TV and they mostly did things when I asked. This is the exact opposite of how they've been behaving for the past two weeks and I was about to lose my mind and now I like them again :)  Maybe it was that crazy supermoon? I know it wont last, but I loved this morning.

5. I also loved Saturday when I unexpectedly got FOUR HOURS at home alone.  The in-laws were visiting and we had plans for Saturday afternoon, but then everyone was slow getting going and the plans changed to be a trip to Ross and an outing for Chinese food and I don't really like Chinese food that much, so I begged off.  And, as a bonus, since the in-laws had been visiting, the house was clean and the laundry was done for the moment, so I just worked on  my scrapbooks and played on the computer and watched Psych on Netflix.  Bliss!

6.  After 6 years of marriage, I finally sorted through Daniel's closet and got rid of the shirts that were insanely old and that I hate.  Daniel rarely shops for clothing, but when he does, he buys nice things. And they last a long time, but even nice clothes have a shelf life.  And he tends to wear the same things over and over. So much so that he has stuff in the closet that was dusty. We shopped and we purged and I washed and ironed (I NEVER iron. Don't even own an ironing board) the shirts that we kept and now everything looks nice and he won't look quite so much like a ragamuffin.

7.  The sun is shining and it's supposed to keep shining all week.  But not be hot (defined by me as above 75 degrees).  This is a Seattle girl's dream combo.

8. While waiting for the school bus, the kids were having an intense discussion about whether or not Tinker Bell could fly "up" and if she was at Disneyland today.  Love it!

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Andrea said...

I'm LOL @ your "I like them again."