Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I need to make a to-do list

The kids are watching the newest Chipmunks movie this evening.  I'm not sure this was as good of a Mommy-survival-plan as I imagined it being, because our home is three rooms in size and no amount of blasting my podcasts will drown out the sound of the songs.

I'm also grouchy today because all the trees in the area are blooming or doing whatever trees do in the spring (I'm a city person, I know nothing about these things) and it's killing my sinuses and I want to die. So there's that.

I had friends over yesterday (hurray!) and one of them is juggling more things than a human being should be juggling. And she was talking about her survival mechanism being her daily to-do list that she writes on the white board.

I've always loved to-do lists, but I generally keep them in my head rather than putting them on paper. The thing is though, my head likes to add things to my to-do list and make everything seem SO MUCH MORE URGENT THAN IT REALLY IS!

I'm not juggling too many big things these days, but I do have a lot of little things to do with  the science job and the review blog and household stuff and not a whole lot of kid-free time in which to do most of those things.  I pretty much put Vivian down for her nap and sprint to the computer to start working on everything.

But my brain has been "awfulizing" things lately and I need to stop giving my brain control of my time management and mood and actually write things down and get some perspective.  Revolutionary idea, I know.

Had a great marriage moment yesterday- Daniel was relating a story of a challenging experience with a coworker and lead with the line "she's just kind of hard to work with sometimes- she's actually a lot like you...."  The ellipses represent the exact second when he realized how the sentence came out and I could see the look of fear cross his face. I  actually laughed out loud- he rarely makes mis-steps like that and it was so funny to see him try to backpedal. He did manage to dig himself out of the hole though and I still like him. 

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