Thursday, May 31, 2012

Have I mentioned that I do not do hot weather? (And happy birthday to Vivian!)

Greetings from the South! The kids and I trekked across the country on Tuesday- randomly ending up sitting behind the husband of another Seattle-area blogger who I know fairly well. I didn't realize it was him until we were all getting off the flight and chatting nervously about missing our connections (many people on my plane did).  Fortunately, the kids and I made our connecting flight, thanks to some convenient delays in the airport that we were arriving in and departing from again.  We wouldn't have made it otherwise, and I was very glad for traveling mercies on Tuesday!

Yesterday I sat in the air conditioning (LOVE!) and worked while my parents took the kids various places. I also managed to register for my first grad school class for this new program, after several hours of confusion and many emails and phone calls to my new advisor. I'm still not entirely sure what's going on, but I'm putting it in God's hands and trusting Him. This whole thing was His idea anyway, so He can deal with it. :)

I did eventually emerge in the evening to run to the drugstore to get something for Ethan, and remembered what I do love about the South. There is nothing in this world like a Southern summer evening. Nothing.  Being out in the warm air and feeling the breeze and smelling the smells brought back a lot of great memories.  And in the later evening, the fireflies came out! The kids haven't ever seen them, as we don't have fireflies in Seattle, and it's been about 15 years since I saw them, so that was a fun treat.

Today my brother and his wife arrive and we're going to a lake house that someone in Dad's congregation nicely is loaning us for a few days.  My brother and sister-in-law are both hideously allergic to cats, and both I and my parents have two cats, so most of our gatherings involve my brother and his wife being totally loopy on allergy medicine. It'll be nice to be around them when they aren't heavily medicated.

Daniel seems to be managing without us just fine.  He's going to Chinatown to pick up food every day (I don't cook Chinese food and don't particularly like to eat it either, so it's not frequently on the menu when I'm around). Reliving his glorious bachelor days :) He claims to miss us, but I'm not totally buying it.

And tomorrow? MY BABY TURNS THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's sleeping next to me right now (of course) and is looking so darling and peaceful. When she's sleeping, you can't tell that she spends her days alternating between being oh-so-three years old (Ethan did NOT go through this stage, so I had no idea what was coming!) and being fourteen years old and bossing me around and having opinions about clothes and shoes and pretty much everything else in life.

Still, she makes me laugh every day and she challenges me and I love my daughter so very very much.  It's been a really blessed three years. Love you, baby girl!

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