Friday, May 4, 2012

Friends and other Friday random thoughts

I was playing on Facebook and Twitter this morning and realized how strange and convoluted many of my friendships have become. Not the friendships themselves, but the way I know people and the way I relate to them.

There are the people that I "met" on my blog or their blogs and that I've now met in real life. There are quite a few of those here in Seattle. It's always kind of funny to get together, because we know all this deep, dark emotional stuff, but don't always know the basics for a while. Like some people don't use their kids' real names on their blog, so you have to wrap your mind around real names versus blog names. Little things like that. It's like going through a relationship backwards. I know your thoughts and dreams and struggles for your life, but I don't know your last name.

And there are people that I "met" on blogs and that have become what I consider to be fairly close friends, even though our entire relationship takes place online.  This is especially true for the people that are blog and Facebook friends.  One of the girls in this category is someone I would suspect of being my twin, separated at birth, if we weren't a few years apart in age. We've decided that it's probably best we don't get to see each other in real life, as the universe might not be able to handle that level of snark and craziness.

And then there's the really confusing category- the Weight-Watchers-turned-Facebook friends. When I got engaged back in 2005, I got involved in an online chat room for other WW people who were planning weddings. Then we all moved to a Just Married board and then we all had babies about the same time and we just kept chatting. I am not kidding or exaggerating to say that a huge amount of what I learned about sex and nearly everything I learned about pregnancy came from those online conversations. Again, we knew serious stuff about each other and knew each others' weights, but were using screen names and could only see small photos.  But now we've mostly transitioned to Facebook and now we see each other's pictures and know full names and are fleshing out the facts of our relationships.

Sometimes I have to stop and try to remember how I know someone on Facebook. Is it an old high school classmate? A WW girl? A cousin or relative of my husband? Someone I randomly met on a blog and bonded with?

Seriously, I almost feel weird about having friends that I met in person and that I only interact with in real life. There are not too many of those, but there are some. It just doesn't seem normal :)

In other random news, Ethan peed on the floor again. Oh, and last night his feeding tube leaked when we were hooking up his feed, so we managed the trifecta of dealing with poopy pants, pee on the floor and stomach contents. All in one day. We win! I have done SO much laundry this week. 

But we have fun plans for tonight and fun plans for the first part of tomorrow.  And Daniel will be around to deal with any pee incidents this weekend :)

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