Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The sun and I

The sun unexpectedly came out for Easter weekend, which means that we residents of Seattle were legally obligated to go outside and enjoy it.  My family had already decided to go to the zoo with a family from Daniel's work.  What we didn't know was that the rest of the population of Washington State was also heading to the zoo since it was 1) sunny, 2) spring break for some people and 3) the day when the zoo was having its egg hunt. 

Despite the crowds, we had a fun time at the zoo and, after some initial confusion and hesitance, the kids enjoyed the egg hunt immensely.
Oh yeah, before we went to the zoo we met the Easter Bunny at the grocery store

They're wearing their backpacks to practice for Disneyland

I don't remember what we did after the zoo.  Because I was busy being itchy. I should explain.

I've mentioned before that I am a 5th generation Pacific Northwesterner.  And I'm pretty much 100% of German descent (if you're my Facebook friend and know my maiden name and are thinking "that's not very German" it's because my dad was adopted by his stepdad).  I'm very, very pale. And I do not tan. I burn.  Sometimes just from looking at the sunshine. And last year I developed an honest to goodness sun allergy.  When I go out in the sun, I get red and blotchy and break out in hives and have bumps on my arms and neck for days.  My husband says helpful things like "eww! Look at your arms!".

So after being out in the sun on Saturday, I spent the rest of the weekend trying to stay in the shade and dodge the sun.  So that was fun.  Hanging out in Southern California next week should be interesting. I need to go stock up on my 100,000 SPF sun block.  

I'm very glad that I married someone with dark skin and that the kids are taking after him with his sun tolerance. 

Easter was nice too- I even got Vivian to briefly wear the hat that I bought for her last year. The kids were very excited about their Easter baskets and then we had a nice time at church (even though we were working in the nursery and didn't actually go to the service). 


Vivian decided she liked the outfit better without the hat and with pink Dora socks

Now we're back to gloomy weather, but it's Wednesday and the week is halfway over and this time next week I'll be dragging five family members all around the happiest place on earth. So it's all good.

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The kids are so cute!! :) We have to catch up sometime!