Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mama's big girl

Looking back on things, it seems to me that Ethan stayed a baby a lot longer than Vivian did. Partly because he didn't grow hair for so long (his first haircut was well after he turned 2), he insisted on a pacifier for a long time, and he didn't walk or talk until fairly late. I look at picture of the kids together when Vivian was born, and he just still seems so little (they're 22 months apart).

Now he's all busy being a grown-up kid, but it seemed to happen at about the right time, so it didn't freak me out too much.

Then there's Vivian. I'm not entirely sure she ever was a baby. She talked early, walked early and developed SO MANY OPINIONS early.  She skipped over toddlerhood and childhood and went straight to adolescence.  This morning, when I got out of the bathroom, she informed me that she liked my dress. However when I later dumped a shelf of plates on the floor (yeah me!) and grabbed the first pair of shoes that I saw (to protect my feet from ceramic shards) and then wore the shoes, which did not match my outfit, to the store, Vivian was not amused. She repeatedly asked "Mommy? Why are you wearing those shoes? Those are the wrong shoes!"

Even though she acts all teenagerish, I was consoling myself with the fact that she's a Mama's girl and wants to be with me all the time, so I can fool myself into thinking she's still my baby.  Then last week our children's ministry leader decided to move up the almost-3-year-olds to the 3-5 year old class at church.  And off Vivian went, ready to be a big kid.

And she heard us talking about preschool and informed me that she wants to go to school. NOW. Even when I told her she'd have to go alone, without Mama, she did not care.  How did she get to be old enough for me to be checking out schools for her? 

Don't get me wrong, I in no way want to go back to the baby days. I'm thrilled to have little people who are fairly self-sufficient. Little people who I can joke with and have conversations with and go do things with. I love that there are no bottles or diapers or baby stuff around.

But it did go by so fast.  I just wasn't entirely ready for that.

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