Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's 6:45 PM and I'm still awake!

I'm pretty sure I was in bed by this time yesterday, and I know everyone in our home was asleep before sunset.  Two days at Disney, one day of swimming and two days of travel= so tired!  We had a blast and I have tons of suggestions and stories to share. Including the story of how we managed to lose Ethan in Disneyland and not notice for almost 15 minutes! (He's fine. We found him almost immediately once we noticed he was gone and he wasn't upset once we found him. But still. I'm pretty sure this is why I have a WHOLE BUNCH of new grey hairs).

Until then, photos from day 1. Apparently in random order but I am actually too tired to be crazy and re-do it.  That's seriously tired, people :)

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